Fall Season 2014 standings

14fall10We’ve reached the half way point of the Fall season, time to look where’ve come so far.

Alright not all shows are at their half way point at time of writing and I’ve left out a lot of shows as they will go into the winter season of 2015. 2014, you’ve passed by so quickly. I think for the 2014 awards I’ll take into account the leftover of the Fall season of 2014 as there are too many good shows that overlap into 2015.

Fall season in particular, there are some good shows and 2 actually stand out. The others are around the average score zone and those with a second installment are bringing the novelty they had when they first aired.

14fall2Kyoto Animation sets down a consistent show with colorful designs and diverse set of characters put in an entertaining an original series.

A new manager called Seiya is appointed to save the park from bankruptcy and make sure the magical inhabitants are able to remain in their home. I guess a lot of people will find this show too main stream, not innovative enough or too cute. Well, that’s just how Kyoto Animation is and Amagi Brilliant Park is good in its execution.
The characters are very diverse, may it be some overly annoying, most of them add value to the show and emphasizing the vibe of the show. I also like that the show has stated a clear goal at the beginning where it’s heading, something I find lacking in much anime that seem to be clueless what they want to tell.

14fall3Over the top storytelling from studio Trigger who tell the story about a not so interesting school club with a peculiar set of members who obtain super powers and learn to cope with them.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou is turning into a harem instead and the powers are a bit drifting away, with chuunibyou taking its place. That’s not a problem as the show’s focus and aim seemed to be along those lines. Inou-Battle wa Nichijou is entertaining and the over the top humor annex animation creates atmosphere.

14fall4Psycho-Pass season 2 moves on where the first season left off, namely revealing the flaws of an automated judgment system called Sybil.

This season feels off beat in my opinion. The progression of the story isn’t as smooth. I can’t really explain why, but something feels off. The novelty of the series is gone and I’m really a fan of Akane as a character. At first she was indecisive and insecure, which gave the show an extra psychological layer that explored the terribleness that was Sybil. While natural, she has now become more confident, but it doesn’t enhance the overall experience of the show. I still believe Psycho-Pass deserves a watch as it still has a complexy and innovative underlying theme.

14fall9The second installment of the Chaika franchise builds further on the journey of Chaika and her comrades to collect the remains of Chaika’s father, slowly uncovering the truth of her own existence.

Why they didn’t make this into 20 episodes in the first place remains a mystery to me. Perhaps they wanted to test if the show had enough sales/attention to make it profitable for a second run.
Hitsugi no Chaika itself isn’t that much different from the previous season, except for the fact that it’s unveiling the mysteries that shrouded the first installment.
Those who liked the previous season will like this one as the change is minimal. There is enough diversity in the characters that are introduced along the way, which keeps the show fresh

14fall7What the F is this show about? A saucer that is threatening a village? Is it a magical bulb of light?

I also don’t understand Yuzuki. Why is she so mad at Nonoka all the time? Is she pissed off because she doesn’t get all the attention and can’t spark some fireworks as a compensation after her brother had a minor accident? Nonoka’s mother died, but she keeps pushing her into negative corner because she has some kind of bigger issue. Cut her some slack. I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand this. At least Noel is cute.


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