Tamako Love Story Review: Polished

tamako6The movie version Tamako Love Story proves to be better than the TV-adaptation.

Tamako is a rather clumsy character in the series and while many will find that stupid, I believe it creates a certain vibe of innocence around the setting that fits the show. The romantic relationship is still somewhat immature and a super serious character just wouldn’t fit.

tamako2Tamako Love Story expands the story of Tamako and Mochizou’s romance in movie format. An innocent high school love takes the stage yet again.

Reflecting on the movie, a too sugarcoated romance can have its pitfalls. 5 centimeters per second proved that even a failed relationship makes a good movie. Tamako Love Story focuses on the idealistic side of the spectrum and, while feeling a bit too sugary at times, it manages to take the viewer in. The innocent vibe around the story gives the viewer a sense of nostalgia when ‘falling in love’ had a different meaning.

tamako3The movie version of Tamako Market was considerably better than the TV-version. Probably because it was movie length and the studio had to strip down the story to its core, resulting in a movie that focused solely on the flourishing relationship between Tamako and Mochizou.

The anime series focused more the happenings of the market and Dera, the bird sent out to find a suitable mate for his ruler annex prince, was a rather unnatural addition to an in essence slice of life series. The slice of life theme is where this movie excelled and leaving out the Dera-theme, only a short at the beginning, makes the focus of the franchise more natural.

tamako4Kyoto Animation doesn’t disappoint with Tamako Love story considering the overall performance. The designs are familiar to K-ON! with the characteristic eye shapes and colors. The movements are fluent and natural. Those who didn’t like K-ON might have trouble adjusting to the colorful color scheme.

The soundtrack isn’t really standing out, which also isn’t KyoAni’s strongest trait when making anime. Exceptions are Clannad and K-ON, but overall I’m never really blown away by the audio performance.

tamako5Tamako Love Story proves to be a well shaped romance story that left out the dull moments of the television version. The visuals are familiar to the original adaptation and make an easy transition for those familiar with Tamako Market. I therefore rate Tamako Love Story an 8 out of 10 and somewhere I hope that the Tamako franchise will have another installment in the future.


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