Recommendations: Shounen

shounen1The third post with Shounen anime recommendations.

I must mention beforehand that I consider series I’ve series that were noteworthy. You may find series missing such as One Piece, Fairy Tail, Naruto and may others. Unfortunately I haven’t seen those and can form an ideal opinion whether or not you should watch them.

shounen4Dragonball Z has the right ingredients to become a full-fledged shounen episode. It has a lot of episodes, epic battles and super strong main characters. The show is already a few decades old, but with remakes such as Dragonball Kai, it appeals to its massive popularity still today.

Dragonball Z follows Goku and his friends and family as they have to save the earth from powerful enemies, who keep having a grudge against Goku. The show follows the same structure as Goku battles enemies who are just a bit stronger, but finds the strength to beat them. This repeats multiple times, which is actually pretty accurate to the shounen formula.

shounen2Bleach isn’t a surprising addition to this list as the creator was inspired by the Dragonball franchise. A lot of elements can be traced back to the Dragonball series. Ichigo gets caught up between the world of the Shinigami and mortal Earth when tries to rescue Rukia. Pursuing her into the world of the Shinigami he learns to handle his new acquired powers while unraveling truths about the previously unknown world.

Bleach also has a lot of episodes, with the accompanied fillers, but stays true to the genre with epic main character Ichigo, who fights for justice. Like every main character in a typical shounen orientated show will do.

shounen3Light-kun gets his hand on the Death Note, a notebook owned by a Death God, where the names are written of those who shall die. Light becomes obsessed with the book and starts feeling omnipotent as he controls who shall live or die, leaving the world in disarray over who this newly arisen ‘god’ figure might be.

Death Note plays with who has the right to pass judgment on somebody and shows that not everybody is fit for the job. Death Note has a very strong first half, but falls short in the second half as it introduces new, bland characters.

shounen5Soul Eater revolves around students who learn to handle their human weapons. Soul Eater, as the name, suggests follows a particular set of students who collect souls and try to become the best weapon masters.

Soul Eater follows an interesting visual language that stands out from the regular shounen series. I found the series a bit overhyped, but it was still able to pull me through to the end. This, thank to the main cast, who diversified the storytelling.


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