Recommendations: Action

action5The second post in the recommendations series. Four action anime series you should watch.

action1Shingeki no Kyojin is an action powerhouse with astounding visuals mixed into a steam punk like setting. After have a time of peace, giants start to attack the medieval village again. Specially trained soldiers have to go against all odds to prevent the men eating giants from taking over.

Shingeki no Kyojin was very good in creating a build-up to crucial moments by using well timed cliffhangers and action sequences without overdoing it. Or they ran out of budget. But the scenes they created were well executed and the battle in the woods remind of Jurassic Park. The story may not be the most thought provoking, but for creating value for the viewer it sure did a good job.

action2In totalitarian Japan, ruled by Britannica, the son of the prince starts a revolt after acquiring the supernatural power Geass.

Code Geass uses clever storytelling with well worked out war tactics to present its story. The performance is engaging as it displays many facets of political prejudices and fascism. Very entertaining with a lot of action, mainly revolving around mechs. Code Geass looks a bit outdated, but nonetheless worth the watch. The political games within the created setting give food for the mind and questions sovereignty, totalitarian rulers and war.

action3Yuki gets a mysterious phone that predicts the future. Along with other users, they fight in a battle royal to become the ruler of space and time. Other competitors’ devices possess different kinds of special features which create multiple storytelling opportunities.

Mirai Nikki has its ups and downs along the way, but doesn’t fail to create tension. The violence or gore can be a bit too much for some, but it emphasizes the dark theme of the story and therefore fits within the storytelling.

action4A more recent addition to the list, Zankyou no Terror, where two youngsters defy all odds to reveal their dark and unjustified past to the world.

The visual display and soundtrack are excellent. The characters make a convincing psychological journey and while the anime is a bit short it is able to engage its audience to the fullest. The addition of a third character, a gild named Lisa, alongside the two main characters gives great opportunity for the producers to extent the emotional development of the cast. Zankyou no Terror is a must watch for fans of anime.


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