Recommendations: Slice of Life

slice5In a new series of posts I want to put out recommendations that will introduce potential viewers to specific genres.

Slice of Life series don’t necessarily need the sole purpose of just looking through the window and seeing how somebody else is living their lives. It can show us another way of living and making us appreciate our own lives or make us more open minded towards others. That’s what the genre is able to bring and in this list of recommendations for those who want to explore the genre.

slice1Ikoku Meiro no Croisee is one of my favorite anime as it depicts a Paris in the late 19th century. Characteristic buildings, clothing and mannerisms are accurately displayed, which makes the show more immersive than most anime with an historical reference. Those who’ve once been in Paris will also reminisce about the peculiar and architectural noteworthy city landscape.

What makes Ikoku such a good fit for this list, is that is that it takes the slice of life genre into another timeframe. This gives the viewer an above average story that packs more than only a window into some else’s life.

slice2During the airing of Hyouka I wasn’t really impressed, but after giving it some thought, Hyouka became another series that pulled the slice of life out of the ordinary.

Hyouka is particularly good as it used clever visuals to tell the story. It kept the material fresh and top of mind to keep the viewer engaged. While I found the mysteries trivial, the show proved it was able to bring the genre new heights and prove that even trivial matters could be a treat to watch.

slice3K-ON shows how a group of girls start their own high school pop rock band. While dedicated, they value friendship as well and prove that the members of a band have to be in sync to create lively music.

Many will argue that this series was only about cute girls doing cute stuff, which is essence is true. But when you look past that, may it be intended or unintended by the producers, it shows friendship and its core values. This shapes K-ON into a series that makes the ordinary entertaining, which I’ve said several times when justifying whether to pick up this series.

slice4A story about three sisters just living their ordinary life. I believe that Minami-ke is the embodiment of the genre. It has the sole purpose of only opening the window for the viewer into their life.

In some respect it is fascinating that a show with only that as a base for its storytelling, can succeed in keeping the viewer entertained until the end. Nothing special happens in Minami-ke, it’s just the progression of life molded into an anime series. For those who want to experience hardcore slice of life, this is the series to sit through. And enjoy of course.

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