Shirobako: A glimpse in the anime industry

shiro1Shirobako will give us a romantized view of the anime industry. Probably.

Shirobako is P.A. Works’ follow-up attempt to redeem itself after the disappointment that was Glasslip. Shirobako gives a glimpse in the workings of the anime industry in Japan. The many different facets of the studios are being covered to give the viewer an idea of all parties involved in creating an episode or the whole series. Is this perhaps a charm offensive to make the audience realize the work and effort that goes into an episode and/or anime? Hoping the interwebs well be less judgmental when not all is well?

This perhaps partially true as Shirobako itself shows less charming elements of making an anime. The uncountable amount of hours that goes into making an anime, no rest and painful deadlines all seem credible. But, we’ve seen this before in Bakuman, which displayed the workings of the manga industry.

Bakuman told the story of two young high school lads, which seems to have some touch points with Shirobako, where they promised to create their own manga. So we’ve drilled down the concept away from being original and can draw a familiar line between the two. The efforts and sacrifices are big, but the rewards are grand.

We still don’t know where Shirobako will go. It is too early to tell, but I hope P.A. Works will be able to pull off a more compelling story than the previous ones. It would be great if Shirobako explores different back stories to give the show a bit more body. Knowing P.A. Works they’ll perhaps highlight a few and let the show do the talking for itself. It can also use storytelling techniques used in Bakuman to build up tension and keep the viewer engaged.

Shirobako is airing this Fall season and is directed by Mizushima Tsutomo(Another, Genshiken, Blood-C). Character designs are done by Ponkan 8(Oregairu).

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