The best soundtrack of them all

sound6I often say that I love a good soundtrack, but what makes a good soundtrack?

This post was inspired by the exceptionally well performed soundtrack of Zankyou no Terror. Which may already be the best soundtrack of 2014. Music is an important part of my life and therefore I want to take this occasion and look back at some of my favorite soundtracks of the anime I’ve seen.

sound2Guilty Crown had one of the most epic songs ever in an anime series. I remember rewatching parts of the series, which were about max 2 minutes, just to listen to the songs. The songs were so energetic at times, but also emotional.

Just like in Angel Beats, Guilty Crown featured an fictional band EGOIST, which was performed by members from Supercell.

sound4Angel Beats! had one of the best soundtracks with the fictional Girls Dead Monster band that plugged the show with a lot of great songs. I listened to the music outside the anime as well. It was catchy and could be enjoyed outside the show.

The soundtrack of the series was good as it not only featured a J-rock sound, but also inserted a lot of emotional tracks to give the show the necessary emotional touches. Several songs were performed by LiSa who also did the openings songs for Fate/Zero and Sword Art Online. The music in Angel Beats stimulated the senses, apart from viewing, it created extra value for the event that was being displayed.

sound5Tearjerker anime AnoHana featured songs that easily sooth the mind and create emotional atmosphere rarely seen before. Admittedly the series used some elements to trigger an emotional overload with its screenplay.

sound1The music in Shiki was excellent. Truth be told that a lot of songs didn’t really stick or fit with the setting, but the ones that did gave so much added value to the show. The soundtrack could be enjoyed outside the series as well. The music performance is done by Takanashi Yasharu, who also did work for Fairy Tail, Jigoku Shoujo and Log Horizon.

sound35 centimeters per second is one of the most gorgeous looking shows out there, but not only the looks are good, also the sound. Yes, I only like three songs of the soundtrack, yet the songs are so good, I sometimes use them as my alarm clock. I love to wake up to tranquil sound of the piano.
While only three songs, they gave a lot of emotional value to 5 centimeters per second. Creating an outstanding performance that lasts.

sound7Not all songs within a soundtrack have to be good to make an impact. Those are the songs that stick outside the series that make a good soundtrack. A really good soundtrack can even recreate the sensation of the series while not watching or at best it makes you think about your own life. The best soundtrack will make you ‘stop and listen’, giving you a higher emotional state to evaluate and understand your own being.


4 thoughts on “The best soundtrack of them all

  1. Quizoxy says:

    I personally love those of eurekaseven a lot, guiltycrown and gundam unicorn are also masterpieces. I pay quite an amount of attention to works of ,Hiroyuki Sawano, his work for shingeki no kyojin was also quite lovable.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I thought of Shingeki no Kyojin, but that soundtrack didn’t really struck a chord with me. There were some positive notes on that soundtrack from what I’ve read, but it was not my type of music.

  2. Blue Variance says:

    I definitely agree that Zankyou no Terror had a great soundtrack! It had a wonderfully haunting dissonance that really set the scenes and put me on edge…

    Some other soundtracks that I love include those from:

    FLCL – By the band, The Pillows… really added so much to the series that sometimes it felt like FLCL was just one long music video….

    The Place Promised in our Early Days – composed by Tenmon. I found the soundtrack alternatively haunting, nostalgic, and gently sweet. Love the song played at the end of the movie!

    Vision of Escaflowne – It’s been years since I saw Escaflowne, but I still remember many of the orchestral and Gregorian chants featured in this anime! Also Yoko Kanno had a hand in this soundtrack.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Tenmon sure knows how to deliver an emotional impact with his music. Although the 5CPS soundtrack was more memorable than from The Promised place. Maybe because the overall theme was more approachable in 5CPS.

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