Tokyo Ghoul Review: Cannibalism

ghoul5What started out as one of the most promising shows of the summer season, ended up as the biggest disappointment .

I usually try to limit the expectations I have before entering a show. Admittedly when it involves P.A. Works or KyoAni, I’m easily hyped. The first episode of Tokyo Ghoul filled me with enthusiasm only to later disappoint and leave me with a feeling the show could’ve been so much more.

ghoul1Kaneki meets a terrible faith as he is attacked by a vicious ghoul. Being able to stay alive he turns into a half human half ghoul entity, stranded between two different worlds that try to get rid of each other.

While the premise seemed pretty psychological, exploring racial diversity and inner mental challenges, Tokyo Ghoul chose not to. The show took a violent approach with almost no back-story, apart from ulterior motives that were left in the dark most of the time. It was about humans against Ghouls and vice versa, showing it the most brutal way, but without any emotional attachments.

ghoul2I remember Shingeki no Kyojin doing sort of the same, the usage of cliffhangers. So much so, that it ruined the viewing experience. But Shingeki no Kyojin managed to build up the right momentum to pull the viewer to another adrenaline pumping episode, Tokyo Ghoul failed in this respect.

Tokyo Ghoul created pseudo tension. The moments following to the build-up weren’t worth the wait and left the viewer unfulfilled. This formula was repeated almost every episode and became tedious.

ghoul3The first episode seemed to also be the highlight of the whole show. Tokyo Ghoul wasn’t able to replicate the animation quality. The color and visual design was extraordinary in the fist episode. The colors were vibrant and full of life. The rest of the show became more gray and the diversity in the color pallet seemed to limit itself. There of course some exceptions along the way.

ghoul4Tokyo Ghoul had a promising concept and could’ve explored it much more than it actually chose to do. It left out on emotional background and psychological development, making the story shallow. The fight scenes added nothing to the setting and the excellent animation quality in the beginning couldn’t be replicated throughout the run. Tokyo Ghoul gets an 6 out of 10 for its mediocre performance.


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Review: Cannibalism

  1. Quizoxy says:

    I see this animation adaptation being a graphical sensation for those whom have been following the original manga since the animation basically adds on to what was already existed in the manga and not replicating the content itself. Thus if we were to talk about adaptation, Pierrot and the storyboard group folks aren’t really taking the original path.

    The animation had neglected most of the emotional context as what you mentioned, being the main idea of the original work where the struggle really comes into place, directing the plot flow that is much rational in explaining why characters have certain idea along the way and forcing them to do certain actions that comes with great influences.

    Hence, overall speaking I will prefer to look at just the graphics of the animation and it looks perfect, vibrant and striking colours created a whole new imagery for the series.

    With both the animation and the first manga coming to an end, I couldn’t be too concern with the new animation but rather go for the new manga addition. So glad that I had the manga series before the animation became a thing.

      • Quizoxy says:

        I will strongly recommend you to pick up the manga if you really enjoy the concept, since there is whole lot more details as compared to the animation. It is indeed world difference in the experience when comparing the animation to the manga. (*´・v・)

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