Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Review: Spinning-off

illya8The Fate/ series has gotten quite the hype over the course of time. Can Illya’s spin-off live up to it?

Spin-offs tend to have a label of cash cow on them. Using an existing franchise to feed on the success of an already established platform. They don’t really perform that well as the original parent show.

illya4The story continues where the second season left off with Illya and her companions trying to collect magic noble phantasm cards. Or something.

This is typical for the Fate/ franchise in general. I find it hard to grasp what the whole story is about. The main cast is fighting to grasp an artifact that will grant them anything they wish for. But the means surrounding this, is cryptically explained or in such detail that it becomes overwhelming.

illya5The Fate/Illya spin-off has a visual style that hardly resembles the Fate/ adaptations. It’s not only the visuals style, I mentioned in earlier posts that the mannerisms of Illya don’t really correspond. This may be false and the amount of screen time of Illya in Fate/ doesn’t really confirm my suspicion.

Despite the obvious, the series doesn’t feel corresponding to the parent story making this one indeed feel like a true spin-off, but with minimal connections. Apart from the setting of course.

The story in this second adaptation focused a lot on two separate arcs. One told the story about an alter ego of Illya, named Kuro, invading her private life. The second, less interesting/humorous arc, revolved around a previous card collector whose sole purpose was to grasp the cards from Illya and Kuro by all means necessary.

illya6While the look and feel may not entirely correspond to the original Fate/ anime series, the animation quality is high. The CGI used along the way isn’t really my taste and sometimes feels inconsistent considering the overall visual performance.

illya7Fans of the Fate/ franchise will find Fate/Illya inconclusive and doing no justice to the original. The series builds more on cliché and can be tedious at times. But fans of the cuteness of Illya, will consider this an entertaining watch and will be able to take the flaws for granted.


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