Serial Experiments Lain: How immersive will the web become?

lain1With technological development speeding up, our lives are shifting into other realms.

I’m often amazed by the rate of how technology develops and the way it is changing our lives. If it is for the better or for the worse is something left for another debate. One element that I want to highlight, and that has drastically changed our lives, is the internet. The internet created a connected world and will only become more advanced over the course of time.

Serial Experiments Lain takes a more psychological approach to how the net will be. Yet, I believe this is where we are heading. At some point we will abandon our psychical existence after our bodies have become too weak to function and we will roam an internet that is unrecognizable to what we have now.

The internet as of now is more 2D than an actual multidimensional world. We have no psychical appearance in that world, apart from avatars, pictures etc. that give a representation of who we are or who we want to be. Games come closest in which we move a 3D object within a 3D world and virtual reality tries to make that transition even smaller. Still it’s nowhere near to an internet where we transport our consciousness into a world with no psychical boundaries.

Singularity is one approach to this theory where we as humans have become absolute to technology. Our bodies are holding us back in reaching our full potential and technology will be an escape to this means. We are still years from this transition, but with technology becoming more and more advance it is important not to forget what makes humans, humans.


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