Sharing is caring 297170 sampleI’ve stumbled upon many blogs saying that every image they use belongs to somebody else and everything they write is theirs. Did we become afraid of sharing?

I’ve only put a small disclaimer somewhere in my about section that the images I use belong to their respective owners. Those images come from all sorts of places, sometimes far beyond the original source such as Pixiv. It can be hard retracing them to the original source. I select all the images with care, because I want to share my tastes with you, the reader. Do I defy copyright this way? Not linking to the original source and creating a loss of income for the creative mind?

The answer: probably not. I have no commercial gain using those images. The rights belong to the owner and I have no ill intent by using those images. Images such as fanart cannot be copyrighted as they themselves are infringing copyright. Yes, Doujins are thriving and they aren’t taken down with pitchforks. They suit a purpose, creating publicity for a particular franchise. The creators of Doujins get a compensation from fans, as a thank you for their effort to extend the lifetime of a franchise. It’s a fair trade as Doujin creators make content out of love and ask a small price to keep doing what they like. Printing and supplies aren’t free and those who enjoy reading them, will understand.

Everything I write is what my creativity has brought forth and indeed belongs to me. But I mix it up with imagery from somebody else to make it more lively. I have no commercial intent with what I write. I do not pursue a career in writing and solely publish posts for my love of writing and sharing my enthusiasm for anime(and more) with you. Mixing the imagery with my text therefore feels appropriate and not so much wrong.

Those handy with Google can retrace the images to the original source, generating traffic to the creator and giving the ability for the viewer to discover more. Sharing is caring and violently defending copyright like media companies are doing won’t benefit anybody and goes against what the internet has made possible: sharing. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t encourage using somebody else’s content for commercial gain. But I believe in the respect and trust of fellow users that there is a way to enjoy content without being afraid of infringing someone’s copyright. Please give your take on copyright in the comment section below.


7 thoughts on “Sharing is caring

  1. sindyblue10 says:

    Actually I agree with you a lot of that. I used to be not be SO aware and cautious with images. But on blogs I see people talk about all this and how we should be copyrighting. I didn’t want to get accused of copying, so I try to reference the images.
    I forgot about the ‘sharing’ part.

    But what you said were really true and it made me realise the fact. Thank you.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Thanks for your reply. I wanted to indeed touch this topic as I mostly see the dark side of things being written, that there are those who roam only to benefit from others content. If you flip it around, you can argue that sharing and the likes gave rise to some beautiful content.
      This is a time in which we will decide if we want to stay in the 60’s where media kind of sold itself because there wasn’t much as we have now. Or we will enter a period in which we will embrace the fact that everything is available at any time and we won’t have to stop it. I think the latter will happen though.

      • sindyblue10 says:

        Same, I think the latter will happen instead. People want to tell/show people what is theirs so copyright is an important thing. I don’t think people is big on sharing anymore.

      • ninetybeats says:

        Depends on which group of people, younger generations share a lot. Look at instagram, youtube or facebook. The sharing didn’t stop there. I also think what is considered ‘property’ is moving towards something else. An attitude of opening up and personal development is becoming more important than personal gain.

  2. kelly199865 says:

    I didn’t think much about it before but it does seem like that the idea of sharing seems to disappear within the last few years. Every video or post seems to have disclaimer about the copyright issue. I too have put up a disclaimer on my blog and it’s sad that people are so cautious about it. I mean (I’m pretty sure) we all blog to share our passion about a certain thing and I don’t see how there is any commercial gain for us. I kinda feel offended sometimes to be honest but I guess it is important to give credit to the original source. I just wish they wouldn’t be so strict about it and appear to think that it’s the end of the world if we don’t credit them.

    • ninetybeats says:

      That every video has a disclaimer isn’t weird, as I briefly mentioned that media companies try to block it and you as a user want to share their content. The disclaimer is the only way to sort of prevent it. It also heavily depends on the person what their view is and for what motive they publish their work. Some want their content to be spread and others want to create a portfolio to show their skills and land a job. From their perspective, it’s logical to protect what you worked hard for.

      • kelly199865 says:

        I guess that’s true since I was in the same position. I used to do YouTube videos but I didn’t know much about the copyright issues because I was still young. I just didn’t know why my videos were taken down and I just got fed up and stopped making videos. I know why now but I’m in my teenage years and I’m a bit show on camera now so that’s why I chose to express myself through my blog. You’re right about that they want to protect their hard work and I guess just a little disclaimer doesn’t take too long to put in. I just didn’t understand the big fuss about it, I suppose.

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