Preview: Log Horizon Season 2

log2Log Horizon, essentially Sword Art Online with a twist, returns for a second season this Fall.

I’m not sure if it was just pure coincidence that Log Horizon happened to air relatively quick after Sword Art Online, creating an aura of little creativity around it. Log Horizon had many similar facets to Sword Art Online in that it featured a world where gamers were trapped in an online world and had to find a way out. In that respect, Log Horizon remained more vague around who or what trapped them.

Log Horizon focused less on the outside world, dialogue was the only aspect that made it clear this was a world rather unfamiliar for its inhabitants. What set Log Horizon apart from Sword Art Online was revealing more information about the game mechanics. Sword Art Online seems to be a collection of cliché instead of really telling the build of its world.

While the detailed explanation of the fantasy world mechanics is interesting, it can also pose as a minor downfall for the series. I suspect a lot of anime watchers will be familiar with games, but for those who are not, Log Horizon might become to detailed and become dull over time. Admittedly I sometimes lost focus while watching as not every story element seemed as relevant.

The first season was entertaining, but it didn’t do anything baffling. I don’t expect the series to stray off too much from its initial approach. Log Horizon will be airing in the Fall season of 2014 with its main cast voiced by the same actors.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Log Horizon Season 2

  1. sindyblue10 says:

    What a coincidence, just yesterday my friend recommended Log Horizon to me whilst we were talking about anime. And I was wondering whether you think it’s better than Sword Art Online or not? I kind of gave up on Sword Art Online at episode 9. I don’t really know why, maybe because it wasn’t interesting enough.

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