P.A. Work’s ups and downs with Glasslip

glasslip1P.A. Works has delivered a lot of quality shows over the course of time. But sometimes seems to falter with its shows.

P.A. Works delivered some of my favorite anime series such as Angel Beats! and Hanasaku Iroha. Series with high quality animation, good soundtracks and original stories, but every now and again the creativity seems to slow down.

While Nagi no Asakura and Uchouten Kazoku weren’t really my cup of tea, they were one of the most original shows while airing. P.A. Works was able to give those series their own unique flavor, may it be through their visuals or the overall theme. Shows like this are more exceptions than regular. Tari Tari and the more recent Glasslip seems to be part of the rollercoaster in the production line-up of P.A. Works.

Glasslip in particular seems to be lacking some of the attention that usually goes out to shows from the studio. One thing I noticed, and mentioned in a season impressions post, is that Glasslip uses a lot of still frames. I wasn’t bothered by it in the beginning, because I thought it suited a purpose. At some point the still frames became conversation fillers, perhaps indicating that the budget for the series is low as creating frames is a time consuming and expensive business.

Perhaps the studio wanted to make some cash to create a more unique new series in coming seasons. Glasslip is entertaining on its own, but it could’ve been more considering the previous work delivered by P.A.Works.


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