Did the cliffhanger ruin Tokyo Ghoul?

ghoul0The cliffhanger can have two effects: make us hyped or ruin the fun.

In a post way back I said that I didn’t consider cliffhangers as something of the new media age. A time where media is easily available and where old business models don’t suit the modern media consumption behavior. Tokyo Ghoul doesn’t seem to really care anyway.

I was really enthusiastic about Tokyo Ghoul at the beginning. The visuals were pretty neat and the gory vibe made the series stand out. But the show kept pulling of the same trick every episode; cliffhangers. A cliffhanger on its own isn’t a bad idea as you keep the show on top of mind with its audience. The trick is to reward the viewer the next time he watches an episode. Tokyo Ghoul doesn’t live up to those expectations .

Tokyo Ghoul seemingly makes a very spectacular next episode, but when the episode is released the subject matter hand isn’t as spectacular is it might have been. The main character isn’t as bad ass as I would hoped he would be by this point. He is portrayed with very aggressive looks in the opening scene, but hardly meets up to this expectation throughout the show. The cliffhangers are mostly to blame in my opinion as they create false feeling of tension.

Tokyo Ghoul is still an entertaining show. Unfortunately did production choices break down the overall experience of the show, which is a shame for a show that could’ve done so much more to be a breath of fresh air in the summer season.


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