Flourishing Niche blogs

niche1The internet has brought us many great things, one of them is the rise of the niche.

Just think about the websites where you buy your products such as Amazon that harbor every imaginable product. They generate a lot of traffic and sell a lot of goods. On the far end of the spectrum you have the small web shops specializing in diet tea or art products from Japan. This same trend is applicable to blogs. Blogs that gather all the news and blogs that for example specialize on exotic cars, books or a more familiar matter; anime blogs.

Considering the amount of anime blogs it becomes apparent that niche is growing or is at least widely present. It has become easier than ever before to find a topic or culture you as a reader can identify with. Others actively take part by creating blogs and making little islands within a spiders web of similar blogs. This creates one big ecosystem that maintains itself and engages people on a whole other level. Where newspapers cater to a broad audience, blogs can go into detail around a certain topic.

A connected world has made it possible to create little parts on the internet where one can read, talk and share the same opinion within a vast universe of smaller systems. The rise of the niche proved that people found a way to show their enthusiasm for certain topics. Without this technology and engagement it would be nearly impossible to create such specific websites. In another world without the technology it wouldn’t be profitable, and therefore not interesting, to create small islands in a great ocean(metaphor +1).

Moral of the story: it is good to stop once in a while and think about what has been achieved, to create more appreciation for it. The ocean is so vast there is always something out there that will fancy you. May it be fashion, retro comic books or movies, anime or exotic cars. It’s out there and there are a lot of people that share the same interest.


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