Lessons I’ve learned in Life

lesson01Adult, school and working life have taught me some interesting things.

I got inspired by a video on Youtube of Matthew Santoro, telling the things he’s learned over the years. I wanted to share my thoughts on the lessons I’ve learned so far over the course of time. You may or may not agree with every one of them, yet I hope you’ll be able to make your life better. Even if it’s just a bit.

lesson1“Make the most of now”, one of the more recent moments of clarity I’ve encountered the last couple of weeks/months. When you realize time is limited, may it be a dear somebody who’s leaving or any other situation, you should just let go of the thought there’ll be another time. This is different from ‘live like this is your last day’, because you would probably be sad anyway.

Making the most of now is crucial to step out of your comfort zone and do something with the time you are living at that moment. You’ll take risks, may it be for the better or the worst, but you won’t regret it because you’ve done everything you could. You did what your gut feeling was telling you and that is rewarding in its own right.

lesson2I was bullied a lot during my school days, especially during middle school. I tried to fit in as many ways as possible, even at some point bullying others(I’m ashamed of it, to be clear). I wanted to prove a point that I fitted in somewhere. I wanted to belong to a group, a feeling most people will share.

A friend of mine at some point talked me into inline skating(stunt variant) and we’ve seen so many parks and met so many people along the way. At that point I realized, those people accepted me for who I was. I wasn’t strikingly good, but despite that we enjoyed our time. I learned that I didn’t need to change myself to fit in, I remained true to myself and made friends with the real me, not with a fake me.

I started to attract people around me that didn’t care about my clothing or about my not so strong psychical appearance. We shared something and that was all that mattered. I grew more confident and started to detach myself from those who had a negative influence on me. This wasn’t overnight, but took me years. Years where I’ve questioned myself if I was of any significance to anybody, a thought I will never have again and you shouldn’t either.

lesson3Money isn’t everything, but it is important nonetheless. It’s such a relaxing feeling to know that you can always buy something or can do something on impulse. A friend saying he wants to go on an overnight trip, but you lack the money to join him. It’s always nice to be able to chip in on the fun.

Saving money will help you ease your mind and relieve the stress. Living on the edge of your bank account is never fun. Work hard, play hard.

lesson4I never regret anything I did as everything I have done at a particular time was the most rational decision during that moment. Think about that one. There is no use in looking back what you should’ve done. Think about what you can do to change it or turn it around. Do what you feel is right and don’t let others or your own insecurity dictate how you should act next.

lesson5I believe in visualizing a certain unreachable goal and hoping you can one day grasp it. There will be a lot of people who’ll tell you it is impossible. Don’t let that discourage you from trying to reach what you have envisioned for yourself. May it be materialistic or altruistic, it’s your dream and nobody can take that away from you.

There are many other things I’ve learned, but I think these are the most important ones. I hope you, as the reader, will consider this little piece of advice. But we learn through our mistakes and so will you.


5 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve learned in Life

  1. skycells says:

    I think we’re all trying to find where we fit in when we’re younger and then as we grow older we worry about that less. For me, I’m extremely open with most of the people I meet and you know what, I found more people like me when I’m my goofy self than when I used to be more conservative.

    • ninetybeats says:

      It’s indeed natural to at some point blend as you meet more and more people over the course of time. Being goofy makes everything better haha. Thanks for your input.

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