Summer Impressions 2014 standings

14sum11Is this summer season becoming the most interesting season since I’ve picked up anime?

This summer season still stands pretty strong as there are no shows that really piss me off or are bad. They surely aren’t all the best shows ever, but waiting excitingly for multiple shows to air every week in a particular season can only confirm that we have a good season on our hands.

14sum2Tokyo Ghoul revolves around Kaneki who, by certain strange events, gets involved in the world of the Ghouls, creatures that eat humans to survive.

Tokyo Ghoul remains one of my favorite shows this season. The animation is super crisp and while the story progresses a little slower than I want it to be, its storytelling is compelling enough to make me keep watching. Admittedly I’m not really fond of the cliff hanger approach Tokyo Ghoul uses to keep the audience engaged, but this is trivial in comparison to the overall experience.

14sum3Cute girls dedicating themselves to Yosakoi, a form of traditional Japanese dancing with more modern day music. Cute girls doing cute stuff enthusiasts will surely enjoy this one.

The visuals are pretty decent and MadHouse is able to make the colorful world of Hanayamata pop out every now and again. Yet another studio such as KyoAni would’ve probably done a better job. Hanayamata focuses on the fundamentals of Yosakoi. This is done through very basic elements of Yosakoi and not like Chihayafuru who explains it in a more fairytale fashion, engaging the audience with the underlying themes of the sport.

14sum4Glasslip shows how Touko can see glimpses of the future when she looks through glass. She gets to know Kakeru who has the same ability. A youthful romance is sure to arise as they both learn to understand their abilities and the impact it has on their daily lives.

P.A. Work’s animation is aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. But it seems the budget is lower for this project. The reason I point this out is the fact that P.A. Works uses still frames during episodes, indicating that budget is lower as it is not like P.A. Works to use still frames. Still frames can be used for multiple seconds, relieving the animation team of creating approx. 30 frames per second. Consequently it cuts labor costs.

14sum12Following two youngsters who want to shake up Tokyo with terroristic attacks, consequently playing a cat and mouse game with the police.

I was skeptical at first as the series didn’t really imply heavy and thought provoking suspense. The riddle the terrorists gave to the police were decent, but the way the police countered them was cliché and didn’t really give the show a credible setting. Luckily they introduced an overlord policeman character who uses unconventional methods to capture criminals(sounds familiar).

14sum1Learned that Akame ga Kill is going to progress into the autumn season, but nonetheless want to give a more full-fledged impression.

The visuals of Akame ga Kill still remind me of Fairy Tail and therefore fairly basic. The story needs some fleshing out. The targets for assassination have a reason to be killed, but the feeling of a greater plot remains absent. Assassin’s Creed also started out with small fries and worked towards bigger targets along the way. Perhaps Akame ga Kill will follow the same pattern. The show is entertaining, but needs more build-up to make it more compelling.

14sum5A calligraphy artist trying to reinvent himself by trading the busy life of Tokyo for the Japanese rural countryside.

Barakamon doesn’t seem to do anything out of the ordinary. It’s slowly progressing, showing us how life on the countryside is different from the hectic big city life. This show is best suited for slice of life enthusiasts and even then does the show not really grasp me as much. The gags are repetitive with the stereotypes are flying around everywhere.

14sum8A guy who writes the most compelling shoujo manga gets assistance from Sakura, who is secretly in love with him. Hilarity arises as things aren’t how they appear.

Gekkan Shoujo actually gave me an honest smile on my face. And that rarely happens(not that I’m a humorless person, but you know what I mean). The gags aren’t overly in your face, but are subtle yet funny enough to make you smile. I also believe that this show is geared towards a more adult audience. Despite the cast being fairly young, the way they act and think gives the impression that they are older. The show isn’t extraordinary, but is a nice treat among the other violent shows this season.

14sum6The spin-off of the Fate/Zero franchise, Fate/Illya season 2 gives you more Illya than ever before. And that’s the reason I watch it.

Other than Illya being cute, I can’t really think of a reason why you should watch it. The story isn’t as ‘complex’ or fleshed out as Fate/Zero is. The visuals are just right, but not baffling. For those expecting a show that is true to the Fate/Zero way of storytelling combined with striking visuals, should stay away from this show.

14sum9Ao Haru Ride is a shoujo romance story telling us about the love between Futaba and Kou who learn about their feelings as the show progresses.

It’s interesting to see the romance from another perspective(as I said in the first impressions post). The show has a strong point that it is showing the struggle of getting used to high school life; learning who your real friends are and the likes. In all honesty do I find the male protagonist Kou kind of a jerk and I find the relationship between him and Futaba hard to grasp. But oh well, again, another perspective.


10 thoughts on “Summer Impressions 2014 standings

  1. andrewdt100 says:

    I watch Tokyo Ghoul kind of like Jojo’s Bizarre adventure and that way I don’t have to take it seriously and its quite funny. Super impressed by Zankyou no Terrors quality of animation though. Not many anime take lighting and attention to small details that seriously.

      • andrewdt100 says:

        Tokyo Ghoul definitely has a more vibrant color scheme that stands out, but when you looking directly at the quality its pretty similar. I think Zankyou no Terror has the upper hand in the little things though. There was one particular moment where Shibazaki was walking along the road and you could see the heat mirage that blurred the road. I live in Texas and that happens quite often in the summer so I really appreciated that detail.

  2. sindyblue10 says:

    I was just wondering, do you know how many weeks normally does an anime take before it finish airing?
    I only started anime late last year and started looking at the seasons each anime last term. So I don’t know.

    I’m not a patient person, so I don’t want to wait each week for a season and instead watch them at once as fast as I want.

    How long does it normally? Thanks =)

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