Never enough time

life1When working life began, my priorities started to shift and I had to say goodbye to some of my hobbies.

While the blogging community is very diverse, some will be able to relate to this topic. Not having enough time to do all the things you want and you have to strip down your amount of activities because work or university has changed your way of life.

This is a more personal post than usual, but remaining an obscure entity also isn’t what blogging is all about. Getting to know the author of the posts you read and/or like can be welcoming.

I was very passionate about drawing a few years straight. I’d drawn as a kid, but Anime inspired me to get back to it about three years back. That was during my college days(university for applied sciences for Europeans). I had a bunch of free time and I regularly skipped classes as I didn’t really care. I was skating, drawing and doing a lot of other things. After graduating and finding my first job I realized that I couldn’t do it all. Drawing was the first one to go as that was very time consuming. I regretted not being able to draw, but on the flipside shifted my priorities.

I started to hang out with friends more often as seeing them wasn’t that common anymore. My time became more limited and my other activities started to fade. Gaming became less and less a part of my life, something I also dedicated a lot of time for. I don’t consider it as a waste of time, the time I have to invest in it, is just too much.

The message of this post is ‘make the most now’ the slogan of Vodafone a few years back. This is perhaps one of the best sayings. I believe it’s even better than ‘live like today is your last day’, which was greatly parodied in The Simpsons where Homer cried for dying so young. When time is limited, make the most out of every minute and letting go of certain hobbies is a natural process everybody goes through.


2 thoughts on “Never enough time

  1. skycells says:

    I can definitely relate to this topic. Between my jobs, university, and hanging out with friends I’m left with not that much time. I don’t play my instruments nearly as often and I hardly have time to learn Japanese. I’ve managed to hold onto drawing still, as I plan on working as an animator when I graduate.

    • ninetybeats says:

      We all reach that point sooner or later where I need to retink our daily rituals or activities. Good luck during your animation education. That surely seems an interesting course, being able to create magical scenes through animation;p

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