Flashback: Love Live S2

love1Idol groups are a big thing in Japan and Love Live caters to this success with its own idol group.

The second installment is a direct sequel to the previous season as its sets forth the same plot. The girls sing their way to the top to create buzz for their school and prevent it from closing.

I believe that, to enjoy this franchise to the fullest, you need some interest in idol groups or at least like the musical genre. This is mainly because the songs are less catchy than the previous season. You’ll learn to appreciate it if you are familiar with the style of music. For newcomers the occurrence of idol groups maybe old fashioned or a bit too sugary, the latter one might be most applicable.

Love Live did a steady job, but they focused less on the back stories which was a shame as there were many characters to be explored. The Idolmaster did fairly the same, may it be highlighting the idols in a more ‘idol’ setting. The Idolmaster also didn’t focus a lot on the back stories of the characters. I’m in the believe that this aspect gives the idols in question a more human touch, instead of them being placed on a pedestal, making us forget that they are actually humans.

For fans of the Idol group and music genre, Love Live S2 is an absolute treat, may it be less catchy than the previous season. The songs aren’t overwhelmingly baffling, but good enough to keep you fixed until the end of the season.


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