Getting social: Which network should you choose?

soc6With so many networks to connect with your readers out there, it’s hard to choose which is best for you.

I often tell bloggers to connect with readers and potential readers to generate traffic to their blog. It’s a great way to reach out to your followers on different networks outside the WordPress environment. But on the flipside, I can imagine that starting your own social network can be a bit overwhelming.

soc1A lot of bloggers use Twitter and this is perhaps one of the more suitable networks for quick social interaction. Admittedly, I suck at Twitter because I don’t like posting super short thoughts into the swarm. I often times see Twitter as noise with its many retweets and very busy interface.

Twitter is notorious for the behavior of its subscriber base, which is less loyal than on other networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Around 44% of Twitter users generally don’t send out tweets at all. That’s almost half of the users that never properly used Twitter. I speak from experience as I only tweeted a few things, but got bored with the whole experience.

Nonetheless does Twitter give way for users who like to quickly share links to their posts and vent some thoughts in discussions. You can customize your profile with some neat looking images for your background or header and you’re ready to go.

soc2Frequent readers will know I’m not pro-Facebook, but Facebook has proven nonetheless to be the most steady player in the social media. While customizability is limited, the network is consistent with a pretty high engagement overall.

While your family may be joining in on the fun of Facebook, there is still a lot of activity despite the so called ‘stagnating’ activity. Facebok still has 1.28 billion monthly users and still counting. Noteworthy that 1.01 billion of 1.28 billion monthly users, visit Facebook on a mobile device.

soc3Instragam can give great opportunities to create awareness for your blog. Admittedly Instagram feels less suited for conversations, but it follows a trend where social media takes a more visual approach to sharing moments of life. When approached cleverly, many creative possibilities arise.

soc4When you’re more of a talker, you could use YouTube to reach out to your potential audience. Note that this is a video platform and that turning viewers into readers might be a challenge.

YouTube has also changed over the course of time concerning copyrighted material. It isn’t easy anymore to use footage from other sources. As a big player you might get some exclusive rights, but as a beginner it might be difficult. The only way to use it without being in a danger zone is turn into a more vlog oriented platform and interact with fellow enthusiasts.

soc5There are many other networks such as Google Plus or the Russian VK that offer possibilities to share content and create discussions. The best way to determine which is best is to choose the network you feel most comfortable with. Do you like quick and short messages? You should go for Twitter. Do you want a more slow paced way of conversation? Facebook will be best for you.

Don’t forget that your blog in itself is a social network and being pressured into a social network to promote your blog can take the upper hand, but your blog generates traffic too. And as I stated before engagement on your blog is just as important.


6 thoughts on “Getting social: Which network should you choose?

  1. sindyblue10 says:

    Ahaha I have all the social medias you mentioned (not including the other networks). I also have a quite a few more other ones. Though I don’t go on all of them daily, just some I do. Some times I wonder if I have TOO much that it’s bad.

  2. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    You forgot to mention It’s all the hot nowadays. And I kinda despise it. Both because I see it as a “narcissistic” platform (you’re suddenly seen as a celebrity/authority of sorts being interviewed) and because I find it detracts from actually getting the discussion going in your blog. It must be very time consuming, too. Twitter, facebook and tumblr are enough to juggle for me.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I didn’t forget, I left it out;p I thought it was the least relevant for my audience. In essence most social media caters to narcissitic ideals of individualism, which isn’t necessarily bad. Topic for another discusssion. I find Twitter only relevant to a certain group of users and I’m not one of them. Twitter feels like a blend between and a microblog. WordPress is of course also social media. I’m a fan of Instagram, it’s fast, but more organized and less noisy as Twitter. Facebook’s design feels a bit outdated, but it serves its purpose. Tumblr is another demographic, so not really relevant to me. Thanks for your intput.

      • Foxy Lady Ayame says:

        Twitter I agree feels clattered but I think once you get used to it, it’s not that bad. I differentiated because unlike the other social media it’s more isolated (you don’t do reblogs, you can’t use it to get news) and its only use is that of putting the user on a pedestal. I see it often used by my students and I can’t but sweatdrop in how their use of it is rooted in insecurities (begging to be asked and such with dumb questions at that too). WordPress is a much more diverse platform and enables for great discussions not to mention it can be used by teams too.

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