Summer Season 2014 First Impressions

14sum10The summer season seems promising this year. Time for first impressions.

I think this is the first time this year and perhaps even of last year that here isn’t a really terrible show in my selection. I’m looking forward to Tokyo Ghoul, Glasslip and Hanayamata every week.

14sum4Touko has the ability to see visions of the future, especially when see looks through glass. Kakeru, probably her first love in the making, also sees visions of the future. Together they share a common gift and have to learn to make the most of it.

I’m fanboy for P.A. Works so I’m already biased. Glasslip feels like Hanasaku Iroha as it emits an aura of Japan. It’s like I’m transported to another place thanks to colorful visuals, attention to architecture and music. The story isn’t baffling and remains vague, but the setting is relaxing enough to keep me watching.

I must admit that I have a soft spot for the main girl in Glasslip. She seems honest and human, which makes watching her personal development more interesting to watch. Also her character design is appealing.

14sum2Tokyo is being terrorized by ghouls who eat humans to survive, with some of them having eating frenzy’s. Kaneki turns into a ghoul after being attacked by one. He has to deal with himself being half human half ghoul.

The synopsis doesn’t really feel original and it actually isn’t. But that doesn’t matter when you consider the wonderful execution. The show is gory and the visuals match the vibe of the show. Those who are weak at heart may find this show a bit too much, but it certainly gives the show a mature vibe to please a more seinen orientated demographic. This is so far the best show of the season and every episode has been a treat so far.

14sum1After learning the truth about the capital, Tatsumi joins a group of assassins to murder those in charge and make sure his village can live peacefully again.

The visuals remind me a bit of Fairy Tail. They don’t really have depth and the character designs aren’t striking either. Akame ga Kill comes to life during the assassination scenes where blood splashes and body parts fly everywhere. This is a good season considering the maturity of some shows and Akame ga Kill is therefore no exception.

14sum3Cute girls who want to learn the art of Yasokoi. MadHouse shows it can also produce a series that goes next level cute.

I don’t think Hanayamata is for everybody judging from the relatively low score on MyAnimeList. Cute girls doing cute stuff isn’t for everybody, but I like it and many others with me.  The visuals are decent to good and the general storytelling is engaging enough to be interesting. It spends enough time on Yasokoi, but not too much that it becomes tedious.

14sum5A calligraphy artist is exiled to a small town and he wants to reinvent himself to become a better artist.

It won’t be the first story about a writer/artist trying to invent himself in a small town that is untouched by the hectic city life. Barakamon is a slice of life series with some over the top humor. I find it difficult to determine wether this show is a recommendation or not. The setting is good and gives off a more mature aura which is a pleasant surprise considering the overall schedule of anime en general.

14sum8Sakura Chiyo discovers her classmate and crush is a popular shoujo manga artist. Struck by his appearance, she decides to help him. Along the way Nozaki learns how to create more thought provoking stories.

Gekkan Shoujo is a nice snack among the more heavier themed shows such as Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kill. The shows emits a laid back attitude and tries to blend in some shallow humor. I don’t really know what to think of this show other than that it’s entertaining.

14sum9Futaba tries to conquer the love of her life. I think? Apparently.

The two characters have known each other for quite some time, but both have changed dramatically. Kou is apparently a bad ass and Futaba has changed herself to steer of any possible potential love interests. Of course in the course time she realizes keeping a fake image won’t work and this won’t get her the boy of her dreams.

It’s interesting to see the romantic approach from a shoujo perspective which seems to describe a romantic relationship from a girls perspective with a more subtle touch while shounen oriented anime seem to more focus on the physical side of things.

14sum6The cutest anime girl is back in her own exciting magical girl adventure. Illya’s is thrown into disarray as she faces her alter ego. A dark evil Illya.

It’s unclear to me what this spin-off is trying to accomplish, apart from gathering money from fans. The story doesn’t feel coherent to the Fate/Zero franchise. But again, who cares? Illya is back, the look and feel is the same. If you’ve liked the previous the season, you’ll like this one as well.

14sum7Tokyo is being attacked through multiple terrorist attacks by two unknown young lads. They announce their next target through uploading videos along with playing cat and mouse with the police.

The story execution seems a bit lacking. I’m not one to do a really thorough analysis, but the incompetence of the police force seems pathetic. The videos are uploaded through a Tor browser. We all know users of the Tor browser are registered on a server. Plus: exit nodes anybody? The videos contain unaltered voices of the young lads and appear to be taken in Japan considering the architecture. You cannot tell me nobody at the police even considered finding similar houses throughout Tokyo. If you give this show too much thought you’ll enjoy it less. Just look at the beautiful graphical display and how the events progress.

One thought on “Summer Season 2014 First Impressions

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Not feeling Tokyo Ghoul. It’s not because it’s violent. Far from that. It’s more “I’m getting older”.

    Akame ga Kill got left out because my schedule is already full. The same goes for Glasslip.

    I could care less what the majority likes. I only care about the sales figures of certain shows worldwide.

    I’m not watching the terrorist show. I’m sticking with Tokyo ESP as the other “serious and violent” show.

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