Flashback: No Game No Life

nogame3MadHouse has two sides; good stories and semi visuals or good visuals and bad stories. No Game No Life proved to be a bit of both sides.

The last series I can recall from MadHouse was Kamisama no Inai Nichijoubi. A story with a very strong synopsis, which was poorly executed, but with visuals that were above average. I don’t want to use the word outstanding or else I would be giving this series to much credits. This series was a great example of well worked visuals and bad storytelling.

No Game No Life had similar issues, but reclaimed it’s title for being original. The story had a weak start in my opinion, mainly because of the perverted and incest related jokes throughout the run. Luckily the series used this to its advantage and made it a good comic relief element.

The visuals of No Game No Life were good, but not outstanding. MadHouse seems to use a certain film grain render over many of its shows. This is widely accepted in games such as The Last of Us or Mass Effect. KyoAni used a soft render in Chuunibyou, but the show maintained a crisp look and feel. Madhouse seems to struggle with this. The colors don’t feel like they are really popping out which is a shame if you consider the colorful artwork that characterized the No Game No Life franchise. Perhaps some visuals just aren’t fully translatable onto an anime adaptation.

No Game No Life did a good job and was entertaining throughout its run. I said it many times before, but I believe another studio could’ve done a better job in making this a more memorable series. You can share your thoughts concerning No Game No Life in the comment section.


4 thoughts on “Flashback: No Game No Life

  1. 12hiddenleafjutsu34 says:

    Hi ninetybeats, may i ask for font used in review post “look and feel” and “Verdict”.


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