Summer Watchlist 2014 edition

summer5Last year I wrote a list of series you could watch during the laid back summer days. What series should you watch this summer?

I try to create a list that doesn’t overly promotes the block buster series, but also lesser known series or that deserve some more creds for their performance overall.

summer1KyoAni’s beautiful animation returns in Tamako Market. One day Dera, a mutated-like chicken, arrives at main girl Tamako to proclaim her as a suitable princess for his ruler.

The synopsis feels a bit weird, but the power in Tamako Market lies in the environment. The story centers around a market where everybody works closely together to keep it all up and running. It shows friendship and family relations closely knit together in a slow paced slice of life comedy.

summer2A super cute slice of life series with a great summer vibe and great visuals. Hotaru moves from Tokyo to the country side where she learns and discovers how it is to live in a small town away from the fast city life.

Non Non Biyori portrays a great story about the transition from a faced pace life to a more lean back attitude. It’s easily to lose touch with society when living in densely populated areas and the slow pace can come as unnatural. And that’s exactly what Non Non Biyori does, capturing a rather complex society related aspect and wrapping it up in an entertaining story.

summer3Servant x Service is a blow of fresh air as it focuses more on the life of adults who goof around and struggle on the job. The series uses some familiar gags throughout its run.

I liked Servant x Service mainly because it centers around adults and dares to step out of the familiar, namely high school centered anime with teenagers as the main cast. The jokes became somewhat repetitive, but they were funny enough to remain entertaining till the end.

summer4Summer Wars tells the story of an evil internet hacker that sends the world into disarray after hacking everything that regulates our daily lives. A scary and realistic scenario.

This subject matter is wrapped into an appealing visual display combined with lightweight comedy. Summer Wars, as the name suggests, gives a summery feel. The visuals have a pretty flat design, but are convincing enough to create a unique feel.

I find the touches with our world very well portrayed as we become more and more dependant on technology. The movie shows us how fragile we can be in a scenario we don’t want to imagine or perhaps even consider.


8 thoughts on “Summer Watchlist 2014 edition

  1. infinitezenith says:

    I’ve seen everything on this watchlist save Summer Wars, and I can only say that you’ve picked a fine list of shows to follow. On my end, I just polished off Higurashi When They Cry (everything up to and including Kai), and I’m currently making my way through Chobits and are looking to start on Gundam: War in the Pocket soon.

    @Blue Variance: Having also seen Non Non Biyori, the show has a unique charm to it and is a pleasant one to watch. There’s also an OVA that is set to release on July 23, as well 🙂

    • ninetybeats says:

      I thought Higurashi and Chobits were a bit overhyped. Chobits took to long to tell its story, it could’ve been done in half the number of episodes in my view.

      • infinitezenith says:

        For Chobits, I’m about five episodes in. It’s managing to present some laughs insofar, but I heard that there is much more on the implications of AI and human-computer interactions, both of which are part of my research interests :p I admit, I began watching Chobits because the soundtrack intrigued me, but I’m going to see where this goes.

      • ninetybeats says:

        Eve no Jikan did a more complex take on humans and interactions with complex AI. If you’ve haven’t seen that one, I would suggest that one over Chobits.

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