Gosick review: Historically good

gosick5The greatness lies in the details with the beautiful historical display in Gosick.

Just like Ikoku no Croisee the power of the show is the attention to detail. The buildings, the clothing and the mannerisms are a spectacle to look at. It gives a glimpse into another time frame and grants the viewer another form of escapism contrary to anime set in the modern era.

gosick1Gosick is set in the fictional European country of Saubure where Kujo attends a prestigious school. In the school’s library he meets Victorique, a doll like girl who is confined to the school and the library. She has the wellspring of wisdom to solve complex crimes(may it be not so complex and it will not crunch your brain).

A lot of strange things happen in the country of Saubure and Victorique is there for the rescue. Kujo seems to fulfill the role of the harbinger of crime scenes and Victorique’s slave. The mysteries mostly revolve around murder and give the show a more mature vibe that might appeal to a seinen oriented audience.

gosick2The crime scenes in Gosick are showing the true nature and background of Victorique, who is a Gray Wolf, an intelligent group of people who are hidden from civilization in their own society.

The mysteries introduce new characters and help Kujo and Victorique bond along the way. Their relationship seems to deepen along the way and I blame Victorique’s attitude to her insecurity. With that in mind it actually makes her more human than the slave driver she seems at first.

gosick3Gosick looks great with its vibrant color pallet. The botanical garden in the library is a true spectacle every time it is showed. The attention to the detail in the environment and Victorique’s character in general is top notch.

gosick4Victorique is well portrayed and plays along naturally with her companion Kujo. The mysteries may not be the most complex, but Gosick knows how to string the different events together into one compelling package. The attention to detail is outstanding and leaves a good lasting impression. Gosick gets a 9 out of 10 for its more than great performance.

2 thoughts on “Gosick review: Historically good

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Vitcorique was one of the first two characters who made me fall in love with Aoi Yuuki. The other being Mina Tepes.

    Hurray for Victorique and the epic team she and Kujo form. Their adventures were both fun and epic. Their romance was cute too.

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