More traffic with varied content

content1The 30 day anime challenge proved a point, same content means a drop in traffic.

Many bloggers, content publishers and many others are struggling to find an answer on how to generate traffic to their sites. What could be the best practice?

I’ve written some posts on this blog on how to improve your site and generate traffic or gain new subscribers. Some of those are making navigation on your site easier and connecting with your subscribers with commenting and social media. On a more content related level, you have to create engaging content.

Engaging content can be a lot of things. If you’ve ‘taught’ your readers or subscribers that you publish and will publish the same sort of posts, this can be a traffic driver. Episodic blogs are a great example of blogs that have a subscriber base that is used to regular posting and familiar content.

My blog is varied as I try to keep up different kinds of posts ranging from reviews, previews, recommendation posts and gaming. Nonetheless do I have ‘series’ to give my blog a format to lean on. The moment I started to consequently upload the same sort of posts concerning the ’30 day anime challenge’, I started to notice a decline in my traffic. And despite feedback being positive, I still believe that my publishing style’s strength lies in varied posting.

Content marketing is hot now, because good content generates traffic. But there aren’t really good practices as every site is different and certain content isn’t applicable to every target audience. As the Infinite Zenith stated in a comment once, the unique posts generated the best traffic.

5 thoughts on “More traffic with varied content

  1. Quizoxy says:

    Having blog traffic issues can be saddening at times especially the starting phase of many new blogs or changing of blog style. It just gets better, depending on the popularity of content. Personally I also realize that even when we replicate our own blogs on other social platforms we may not get the equal amount of audiences, sometimes ending up having even more as the type of content published may suit specific platform audiences more. Unlike wordpress, facebook pages and Tumblr are few of those with higher sharing population, making it easier to reach out to readers. That was why we ended up shifting RandomFantasy to our facebook and tumblr page. However, as what you have mentioned, the style of blogging is still the key in getting readers coming and settle down for the long way to come. Hope that this will help any readers to think through how they should publish their works and where to share their stuffs. Great post anyways, got a lot more to learn from you!


    • ninetybeats says:

      You should be wary about duplicating your content in the same language. Google will not prioritize same content as determining the most relevant is difficult or confusing for the user. That may explain lower organic search results.

      Thank you for your kind words. I like the subject matter so I’ll probably do more of this kind of posts in the future.

      It is true that WordPress may be less of a sharing community. But WordPress gives you the opportunity to automate your publishing into social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

      • Quizoxy says:

        Yeah, however i find that google really did a good job allowing google account users to register their websites to be better listed on the internet. Instead of duplicating our content, we usually do exclusive contents on different platforms which will better cater the types of audience we have, our facebook pages focus more on media updates of the media industry while our tumblr are meant for casual browsing, probably explains why we have fairly distict groups of audiences hanging out on different sites of ours(≧∇≦)

        WordPress sure is my first choice for our main blog for that reason, cant live without it after using it for so long!

        Currently we are still planning to bring back our japan hosting site which was dropped long ago due to the lack of time for management. Traffic was really good when we had multiple languages blog, really look forward to it!

  2. infinitezenith says:

    Admittedly, I fall into the same rut as far as post uniqueness goes: most of my content follows a similar structure, and that is largely why I’m looking at doing something unique in August, when things will likely slow down. Your tips are excellent food for thought and sparked my motivation to do something like a “Q & A corner”, which might encourage more interaction. These days, some of my older posts are consistently in the top eight, and said posts seem to bring in more viewers than everything else combined.

    There’s a reason why having varied, diverse content works: doing things differently means one is more likely to end up at the top of a search engine, which is great for traffic (as you’ve mentioned back in my old Garden of Words reflection 🙂 ). I typically make myself visible by doing unusual things, such as comparing unrelated things. Some examples include talking about how Ooarai’s championship run in Girls und Panzer recalls the Calgary Flame’s season in 2003-2004, or contrasting their school ships to Halo 4‘s UNSC Infinity (try typing those search terms into Google and see what happens!).

    Besides being good for search engine visibility, diverse content may sometimes go viral when people on social media platforms find the content to be relevant to them. In the past, other readers have posted some of my content to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and even Japanese message boards, causing my traffic to explode. The ethics of posting their own content to these locations are varied, but for the most part, it’s okay to share on social media, so as long as one isn’t spamming feeds with their content.

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