Spring season 2014 Review

spring14 8The temperatures are rising and summer is showing its face. How did the Spring season manage to impress us this year?

This Spring season wasn’t really exciting to be honest. Isshuukan Friends was the highlight of the season, but it’s a shame that one series really stood out. At least two or three would make it a memorable season.

spring14Main girl Kaori gets her memory reset every week. Noble Hase-kun tries to conquer a spot on Kaori’s friends list by reclaiming his spot in Kaori’s mind every week.

Isshuukan Friends is a feel good series that showes the innocent development of high school teenagers. The characters go through a natural development of getting more familiar with each other. While the story isn’t the most original, it is refreshing enough to keep you watching until the end.

spring14 1A group of girls form an idol group to raise popularity for their school to attract more students and prevent the school from closing.

The second installment of Love Live seems to miss some of its magic. The execution is basically the same, but something feels missing. The songs don’t feel as catchy anymore and the characters follow the same steady progression as before, without too much additional background stories to give the show more body. Love Live S2 is indeed a direct sequel as it completes the premise of the first season without focussing too much on the setting around it.

spring 14 2Chaika gathers her father’s remains that are scattered all over the country. She is accompanied by veteran soldier Toru and his sister who join her to fulfill her destiny.

Hitsugi no Chaika came with an open ending hinting towards a second season. It felt indeed unrealistic the show would reach its conclusion within twelve episodes. The show itself felt interesting in the beginning, but lost some of its charm along the way. While the main cast was entertaining to follow, the other characters didn’t add much to the story apart from being obstacles and plot devices.

spring14 3The commercial for pedophilia has come to an end. Finally. This show was distasteful and felt like it propagated intimate relationships with young girls.

Apart from this atrocious display, the story remained vague. The story went everywhere and there was no obvious direction where it wanted to go, besides the fact that an alien race went berserk against humanity for whatever reason.

spring14 6The story about a ghost girl, murdered and bound to one single dorm room. Yuugo has to make a difference and free Nanana from her terrible fate.

Ryuugajou no Nanana revolved around finding Nanana’s collection, a series of items which grant super abilities. While playing a major part of the plot the need and creation of such devices is left unclear. This is also the case for the story which isn’t as set in stone as initially suggested.

spring14 4No Game No Life at first glance felt refreshing, at some point it lost some of its momentum because of repetitiveness, only to later on refocus itself on what made it good in the first place.

The show pleasantly surprised me by using the jokes to its advantage with giving the show more diversity. The games became more and more impressive. The color scheme fitted the show although I still believe another studio could’ve done an even more impressive job.

spring14 5A class filled with assassin’s, all with the same goal, kill one of the targeted classmates. Paradoxes and idiocy are sure to arise in this pore anime series.

Akuma no Riddle was the show that was the least entertaining from the selection I’ve made. The story was weird and the visual design wasn’t all to impressive. The riddles didn’t seem to bare any significance during the run. It seems the creator needed something to make a pseudo deep subplot to give the impression that a philosophical development of the main character was present. This show is not worth picking up if you are looking for a story that is more thought provoking.


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