Amazon Smartphone: Buy More

amaz1Amazon introduced its new smartphone, hoping you will buy more of their products.

The smartphone is the extension of your life. It’s your life companion(thank you Samsung for that pay-off). Amazon wants to revolutionize the smartphone market by making buying easier. But do we want that?

Where Steve Jobs showed us an easier way of interacting with our devices, Amazon will push buying to new levels. This doesn’t seem very intuitive and doesn’t seem like a real add-on to your life. It just assures that you won’t google your shopping, but instantly buy it on your phone.

I’m very against Amazon as it is one of the most dreadful companies on the planet. They treat employees like slaves and their only goal is to maximize consumption. That in a world where overconsumption is a topic of debate.

On a more smartphone level, devices are moving towards assisting and entertaining, not so much towards completing the buying cycle. Apple and Samsung have set the tone with health and fitness apps, and later on introducing easy living connectivity. Amazon takes a whole other direction and goes against the current with its device. I highly doubt Amazon will succeed with their glorified shopping cart and I sure don’t hope this device will set the tone for future smartphones.


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