30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 28 to 30

challenge41The last days of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Finally it has come to an end.

Day 28 Favorite Quote

‘A Jack of all trades and a master of none’ – Eiji, Bakuman

challenge40I considered this as one of the most inspirational quotes I can remember from anime. You can be good at so much, but if you can’t master one thing what good are the other traits?

‘It’s not over till it’s over’ – Picollo, Dragonball Z

Also a very strong quote. In the DBZ context it was concerning a fight, but the quote is applicable to many situations such as school or work or whatever. When the definite finish is indicated you can rest. I became more pro-active in getting definite proof from somebody I worked with to make sure I could close of the concerning task.

Day 29 An anime you wished was real

Dragonball Z, how many times haven’t I imagined as a young kid I had DBZ powers and would define all odds to keep the world safe. Perhaps the constant torment of the body and soul wouldn’t be the best condition of live in, but this would definitely be awesome.

challenge33Angel Beats also makes a good shot because I was intrigued by the afterlife concept. The way it was portrayed gave a great sense of appreciation for the present.

Day 30 Anime series you wish never ended

I think I cannot agree with this last question. When something becomes undying of infinite, it’s losing its value. If I would say Angel Beats should be never ending as people keep dying and moving onwards, so many back stories to cover, the series would lose its value.

challenge39This is just like the infinite life discussion, may it be more complex, having an infinite life span brings up the question if one would live life to the fullest as one has no ending. The perception of time would also be shifted and twisted as there is no sense of ending. Therefore I will not chose an anime that should’ve never ended as it would not be special anymore.


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