30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22 to 24

challenge31Day 22 to 24 in the 30 day anime challenge. The end of the challenge is coming closer.

Day 22 Favorite weapon, gear or armor

Homura’s attack against the epic Walpurgis Night was greatly displayed. The amount of collected weapons was impressive and the accompanied visuals truly made it a spectacle. The weight of the burden on Homura’s soldiers gave this event extra emotional value.

challenge32Day 23 Favorite attack used in an anime

Another spot for Dragonball Z, Goku’s Kamehameha during the Cell games. Goku gave an impression he was going to blow up earth for the sake of stopping cell. His friends trembled in fear and at the last moment he teleported himself in front of Cell to detonate his mighty blast.

challenge33Day 24 Most shocking anime moment

Anime without some shocking moments wouldn’t be anime. There are two moments that instantly spring to mind; the serial killer from Fate/Zero during the summoning of his companion. The way he murders a little kid after his master butchered his whole family was so atrocious and shocking that it left a lasting impression.

challenge34The second one is the murder of a young girl in Psycho-pass whose body is mutilated and deformed and put on display in a public park. This scene was horrific especially with the build-up of the character(may it be limited).


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