30 Day Anime Challange: Day 13 to 15

challenge22Day 13 to 15 with the character I’m most similar to,the anime series that never gets old and my favorite anime sidekick.

Day 13 Anime character you are most similar to

This is perhaps one of the more difficult questions in the challenge. It is difficult because I’m not really looking to relate to somebody as anime is a form of escapism and not so much a medium where I look for a similar problem, behavior or interest.

challenge21I think the best bet would be Youhei Sunohara. I’m often times weird, I can say terrible things that can be offensive, but I will speak up to injustice or cruelty against others. I won’t show it often times that I care, but when a friend is in need, I’m always willing to help.

Day 14 Anime that never gets old

I think most of the anime in my top 10 have high rewatch value(I think I’ll someday make a post about my top 10). I have rewatched Clannad, Angel Beats, Hanasaku Iroha, Gosick and more, and I still consider them as entertaining as before.

challenge20If you take the amount of escapism a series delivers into account, I would say Hanasaku Iroha as it really breathes Japan. I’m fascinated by Japanese society and culture and this series is one that truly gives a Japan experience for the foreign viewer(may it be romanticized).

Day 15 Favorite anime sidekick, pet or summoning

Another question where it’s hard to give a clear answer to. These are elements that don’t really stand when you watch an anime. It depends on the series though and theme how a sidekick can be used.

challenge19If I had to pick one it’s Sakamoto from Nichijou. His comments and attitude were one of the best humoristic moments of the show. He was not only comic relief, he was a real persona that gave the show an extra touch. Stuck with the crazy professor and robot Nano, he endured the most freighting yet funny moments in Nichijou.


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