30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 10 to 12

challenge18Day 10 of the 30 day anime challenge with my favorite fighter anime, favorite mech anime and the saddest anime scene.

Day 10 Favorite fighter anime

Another win for Dragonball Z which is definitely the best fighter anime around. Yes, there are a lot of fillers and the story is repetitive, but it doesn’t matter. There were such epic fights in DBZ that made all its flaws irrelevant.

challenge15The moment Gohan got into fighting mode against Cell was so epic. I mean, how can you consider that not awesome? The fighting was quick, brutal and unforgiving, making all the series its flaws forgivable.

Day 11 Favorite Mech Anime

I’m not really a mech anime kind of person. I haven’t seen enough anime in this genre to make a clear judgment, but I’ll go for Code Geass since it has something of mech anime in it. The setting was well worked out and the cat and mouse games between characters was a spectacle to look at.

challenge16Day 12 Saddest anime scene

There are many sad scenes in anime such as the death of Nagisa in Clannad or the farewell scene of Menma in AnoHana. Yet I think the saddest scene in anime is when Yui from Angel Beats leaves the group because she can move on happily.

challenge17This really struck a chord with me because of the background story of Yui who just wanted to live a normal life. She was paralyzed and all she wanted was to meet a nice guy, get married and live a normal married life. That really got me thinking as often times possessions seem more valuable than living a fulfilling life. She represented the pure essence of existence and showed that the simple things in life can be enough to be satisfied.


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