30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4 to 6

challenge9In this post of the 30 Day Anime Challenge; Favorite Female character, anime I’m ashamed off and Anime I want to watch, but haven’t yet.

Day 4 Favorite Female character

There are many good female characters. A while back I made a post in which I selected my favorite female characters such as Yin form Darker than Black, Victorique from GOSICK and Kirino from Ore no Imouto. But Nagisa from Clannad(AF) is the absolute number one. I thought she was the most human and humble character I’ve seen in anime.

challenge5She was honest and was portrayed as somebody with sincere emotions. Not many characters step out of the ordinary clichés and are so convincing as Nagisa was. She represented much more than only herself. She showed family values and companionship through good and bad times.

Day 5 Anime ashamed you enjoyed it

Guilty Crown. The hate is strong for this one in the anime community, but I don’t care(so I’m actually not ashamed). This series had the best soundtrack in anime and the visuals were good. The theme of Guilty Crown was cliché and it didn’t do anything special, but it did good what is was supposed to do.

challenge6I don’t really have an anime I’m ashamed of that I’ve enjoyed watching. There is always an anime for everybody and I don’t mind if someone enjoyed something I didn’t. People who make you feel ashamed about something you like, aren’t worth listening to anyway.

Day 6 Anime you want to watch but haven’t yet

The AnoHana Movie. I’m looking forward to watching that movie. The original anime series was one of the best I’ve seen. The emotional rollercoaster that was AnoHana was greatly executed and the theme really struck a chord with me.



4 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4 to 6

  1. Artemis says:

    I must be one of the only people who neither loves nor hates Guilty Crown. I don’t think it’s great and I didn’t think it’s terrible – I honestly believe the bad parts balance out the good fairly evenly, making it a relatively average series overall.

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