30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1 to 3

challenge4The first post of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Topics in this post: ‘First ever Anime’, ‘Favorite Anime so far’ and ‘Favorite Male Character.’

Day 1 First ever Anime

The first ever anime I watched was, if I recall correctly, Pokémon. The day Ash gets his Pikachu and moves out into the open world to become a Pokémon master. We played outside, imagined we’d become Pokémon masters, playing the games on our Gameboys and traded cards etc. It was a total hype and we lived it all day long.

challenge1I also watched Dragon Ball Z very early on and other boys in my environment too. We wanted to relive it while playing, trying to punch or kick each other in not so subtle manner. Dragon Ball Z had terrible fillers, but it was also a series that has one of the most epic fighting scenes in anime to date.

Day 2 Favorite Anime so far

Frequent readers will know I’m a hype machine for Angel Beats! That is the anime I’ve enjoyed most so far. It made me think about life and death, I became fascinated with the concept of the afterlife and the purgatory.

challenge2Angel Beats was a great show, it was a bit short, but it gained momentum until the finale. The visuals were beautiful and the soundtrack was catchy. Angel Beats got mixed reviews in the anime community, but the series really stood out for me.

Day 3 Favorite Male character

Fate/Zero’s Kiritsugu Emiya is the best male character, mainly because of his cold and heartless attitude. The voice acting was very good and it really set the tone for the grim aura around Fate/Zero

challenge3Fate/Zero itself had great visuals, but the magical theme was not always as easy to grasp. The violence was sometimes horrific, yet it pulled the viewer in.


One thought on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1 to 3

  1. Onii-Chan says:

    I’ve seen some of these 30 Day Anime Challenges floating around on Tumblr before. I may give it a try as well – depending on how well I can keep up. I remember Pokemon as well as Digimon Adventures and Sailor Moon. Think these were some of the few anime on TV back then.

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