Sakasama no Patema Review: Originality upside down

pat5Patema Inverted, the latest creation of brilliant Yasuhiro Yoshiura who also created Eve no Jikan and Harmonie. Is Patema just as original?

Yasuhiro Yoshiura’s power is to create a compelling story with an underlying theme that is mainly futuristic and therefore pulls the viewer out of the oridinary to think about problems that may come ahead.

pat1Sakasama no Patema revolves around Patema who lives in an underground society. Above ground normal humans live, who only know of their existence as those who have sinned and have fallen into the sky.

One day Patema falls into the sky and meets Age who is baffled to meet someone from the inverted world. To prevent Patema from falling higher, she must have a ceiling or hold on to Age. This brings a lot moments for bonding between the two characters and also gives the plot many different facets to explain along the way.

pat2The inverted are people who have survived the fall to the heavens after scientists tried to control gravity. Nature stepped in and showed it wouldn’t allow humans to interfere. A very original story and implying that humans are just as vulnerable as any other living organism.

The inverted are portrayed as sinners who were taken to the heavens. The society of regular humans is kept in check with propaganda and strict security. It shows a society that is ignorant and also arrogant, only a select few know the truth. Powerful stuff, wrapped in an appealing package.

This originality gives the story a very unique touch in terms of storytelling. The bonding between Patema and Age shows that even when both societies try to stay away from each other, there is still understanding and respect.

pat3Sakasama no Patema’s story gives the producers room to create a very unique visual design. The animation itself isn’t as baffling as anime movies such as 5 Centimeters per second or The Garden of Words, yet the design stands on its own.

pat4Sakasama no Patema is a truly unique and remarkable story, packing deeper political meaning underneath its accessible theme. Patema is a character who’ll start to learn and understand and you’ll feel compasionate for her, while Age is still more of a plot device. Yet both are well worked out and the visual design is steady. I therefore rate this movie an 8 out 10 for its original display.


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