Is Facebook here to stay?

face1Facebook is growing bigger and bigger. Will it be so big it will survive where others fell?

A friend said a curious thing, after I suggested he should try something else, ‘I don’t want to move my social life onto another network.’ A very interesting notion that may confirm that Facebook might stay around longer than you might wish for.

I’ve talked about it earlier that Facebook is in a buying frenzy including Whatsapp and Oculus Rift, assuming they want to acquire as many parties as possible to maintain a sustainable revenue stream. They want to prevent they lose ground on, or to, other networks.

Networks such as MySpace, Google Buzz and many others had to stop their activities as they were not profitable because of a loss of a substantial amount of users. Users wanted a new experience or saw their friends moving to other networks.

The interesting thing about Facebook is that it exists for quite some time now and people have created a social ecosystem with not only Facebook, but also with Whatsapp for chatting and Instagram for sharing pictures. This makes Facebook a strong player as it keeps the user moving in the same ecosystem. Revenue keeps flowing in from the different networks and users remain in the system. A very strong and well thought-out strategy.

It will be interesting to see what Facebook’s next move will be. With the Oculus Rift they seem to move onto gaming, trying to get into the gaming market with a more serious approach and outlook towards the future. Google will undoubtedly keep trying to make sure Facebook isn’t gaining more and more market share on the internet. Yet, Google will remain one of the most powerful internet players and slowly moving ‘offline’ where Facebook cannot reach.


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