The perfect anime

per5Perfection does not exist. But what would be the perfect anime?

There is always something I can name in an anime that wasn’t good. But instead of complaining, I’ll try to shape the perfect anime that I would give an absolute 10. Or perhaps it will be the anime that makes all other series obsolete and I don’t have to search for new anime.

per1The anime I’ve enjoyed most had a realistic take on tragic events. Instead of molding or making a character with only saying he or she had a tragic event, they created a build up and showed the changing of a character into the person he or she has become.

A sense of realistic tragedy also pulls me into a story more than comedy does. Comedy or humor is very different from person to person, but a sense of tragedy is relatable for everybody. Clannad and AnoHana did a very great job in creating a credible setting.

per2The most befitting genre for tragedy would be slice of life as the slow pacing gives room to build up events and back stories

Slice of life can also work as a mirror to one’s life. I find it easier to relate to a story that has more common ground to my own personal life. I’m not a super hero that battles in space, I’m a mere mortal. I must give a critical note that in games I like to have a sense that I’m in control and it’s easier to relate to an epic adventure as I’m controlling the character myself.

per3I can be really picky about visuals, therefore I want the graphics to be nice. Sloppy animation can ruin the experience, even if the story is good. If you’re committing yourself to creating a visual story, the graphics should be top notch. They should be used to create an unique experience live action visuals cannot do.

per4There are many different aspects that influence the experience of a series. Social environment, life stages, age and many other factors such as the studio and cast. If I had to pick a studio it would be Kyoto Animation or P.A. Works, of course there are other capable studios that give stories their personal touch. Part of the enjoyment is looking forward to the next good anime. You are free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


6 thoughts on “The perfect anime

  1. Artemis says:

    Like you, I don’t think perfection exists – and even if it did, what I’d consider perfection and what someone else might could (and most likely would) be two very different things. That said, I can think of maybe three titles that are as close to my version of perfect as it’s possible for any anime to be – namely, Usagi Drop, Cowboy Bebop, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I’ve seen Usagi Drop, from the three you’ve mentioned. It was a very nice series and even the live action version did a pretty good job in getting the vibe of the anime. Great choice indeed.

      • Artemis says:

        I saw the live-action version too. I thought it was… okay. Not great, but okay – and quite different from the anime in a lot of respects. I suppose I’m actually quite relieved about that; it could have been absolutely terrible if it had tried but failed to be exactly like the anime.

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