Sping Season 2014 standings

14spring1The spring season is progressing onward. Let’s see what the score is so far.

This spring season has outstanding shows such as Isshuukan Friends and Love Live S2, but in some sense it disappoints. No series that I’ve selected this season has a really compelling soundtrack, no interesting opening or ending songs. It’s a shame because one or two songs would normally stand out, but this isn’t the case this season.

spring14Isshuukan Friends follows Kaori, a girl who forgets her friends after a week. Yuuki Hase tries to do everything he can to become her friend. A romance is sure to flourish in this series. Hopefully.

There are hints that Hase and Kaori are growing towards each other. I hope it will go this way because I find this the perfect setting. The characters are honest, inexperienced and innocent. The series doesn’t go overkill with the theme, but nicely progresses the story onward. This series is an absolute must watch for lovers of slice of life genre.

spring14 1A group of girls tries to prevent their school from closing. To attract new students they start an idol group to take over Japan and create publicity for their school.

This is the second installment of Love Live and luckily no major changes are done to the series. It follows the same steady path as the previous season. This season follows some interesting subplots to fill in back stories for the group members. I’m still rooting for Niko as she is my favorite group member.

The music is very poppy and cheerful and admittedly sometimes a little to sugary. But that’s the style idol groups follow and in that respect Love Live doesn’t disappoint.

spring 14 2Toru, a 20 year old retired war veteran, joins 14 year old Chaika to assemble the remains of her father.

Chaika is very well voiced and I like her mannerisms, and while falling into cliché, I can still appreciate it. I cannot say the same for the story as it is quite unclear what the whole goal is of gathering the remains. I guess we’ll find out later(or I just haven’t been to focused during the episodes. On my defense, I don’t think a story should torture my brain to figure out what is going on).

Bones delivers a steady performance with Hitsugi no Chaika and while the story needs some more juice to spice it up, it’s entertaining thus far.

spring14 6Juugo ends up in a room, on an artificial education island, with the ghost of a murdered girl Nanana. With an interesting set of characters the quest to find Nanana’s Collection begins and consequently discover the murderer of Nanana.

The story is as confusing as the short synopsis I just gave you. I understood finding the murderer, but the whole plot around it, concerning Nanana’s Collection, is confusing. The story goes everywhere and I don’t understand all relationships between the different characters. I must admit the show looks good and oh well who cares about story anyway when you have a sexy character like Nanana.

spring14 3Mankind is threatened by an alien race. Protected by walls humanity can survive, but to win the war young girls battle the monsters with super human strength and abilities.

The story of Black Bullet is still rather vague as it moves through different plots. One time aliens/monsters attack and on the other hand some political conflict has to be resolved. It goes everywhere and there is no clear direction where the series is heading. Next to that girls are used to spice up the series in irrelevant fan service moments.

On top of that I still consider Black Bullet as a commercial for pedophilia and find it rather disturbing the ways the young girls are portrayed in this series. The animation is sloppy with a lot of character inconsistencies.

spring14 5Girls are put together in the same class with the same mission, assassinate one of the students. Paradoxical it remains.

I mean why would you put the target in the same class with the assassins and consequently they have to announce it to the victim. Really?! I really do not get this show. The stupid riddles in ‘Akuma no Riddle’ make no sense whatsoever and bare no direct significance to the main story. This show is definitely the worst (personal) pick this season.

spring14 4In an alternate universe everything is decided by games. Sora and Shiro find themselves in alternate universe where they have to reclaim the throne of an oppressed society.

No Game no Life has a creative plot, but sometimes lets itself go with fanservice elements that don’t do the main story justice. While I’m not against fanservice, the dynamics of the setting aren’t always used to progress the plot, which can be a shame or let down for many viewers.


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