Preview: Kantai Collection Anime

kantai1The Kantai Collection has taken over the internet and now an anime adaptation is underway.

Kantai Collection is a Japanese online free to play card battle game developed by Kadokawa Games. Kadokawa itself is known for publishing videogames and magazines such as Newtype, Shōnen Ace and The Sneaker.

Kantai Collection revolves around cute girls that represent warships from World War II. The girls in the game are a personification of the ships, so to speak. They’re characteristics are explained throughout the game and overlap with real features of the ships they represent.

The anime adaptation will center around the character Fubuki to tell the story. The game itself has 200 different fleet girls already. I highly doubt we’ll see them all in the anime version. Yet, selecting only a few girls will give the studio the possibility to explore different stories.

The Kantai anime can go two directions; a more fact based anime with attention to detail or a fan service show to exploit the characteristics of the different girls. I would like to see a more fact accurate version where through creative storytelling the world of Kantai Collection is explored. Exploring war material from the second World War can be an interesting twist within anime and perhaps fans of the Mecha genre can find themselves in a warfare setting with another look and feel.

The cast of the series will be voiced by the original voice actresses. The Kantai Collection anime is produced by Diomedea and will be airing in summer 2014.


2 thoughts on “Preview: Kantai Collection Anime

  1. spitzsoapbox says:

    Much like Touhou, KanColle at a certain point has so many damned characters that I don’t understand how anyone could remember them all.
    I’ve been looking forward to the anime for awhile though. I don’t expect it to set the world on fire or anything; I expect something similar to Strike Witches to be honest, but I dunno… guilty pleasures are welcome every once in awhile.

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