Preview: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei

illya3The cutest girl character returns in her second spin-off, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei.

Silver Link is coming back with Fate/kaleid 2wei after a mediocre first season. I’ll admit I watched because Illya was perhaps one of the cutest anime characters to date and I don’t expect a lot from the second season. But who cares about the story anyways?

Of course I’m not going to end the post like that. The second season takes place about a month after the events in the first season. The story progresses after season one where Illya became a magical girl, with skimpy outfit included.

She was talked into being a magical girl by a flying, talking stick. While the show was well, pretty okay, the talking stick made it worse. It was obnoxious, gave no additional value to the story and acted like a glorified Pokédex.

The spin-off itself was a true spin-off as it didn’t do justice to the magnificent Fate/Zero franchise. The look and feel was completely different. The Fate/Zero franchise was dark and gloomy, while the Fate/Kaleid adaptation had a more diverse color scheme.

We have the same director at the wheel, namely Oonuma Shin. Interestingly enough he was chief director at the excellent Kokoro Connect and director of the abstract ef; A tale of Memories, but the style of Fate/kaleid tends to go towards the Baka to Test franchise, a show with more lighthearted and comedic approach. Fate/Kaleid will be airing in July.


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