No Game No Life and games becoming part of life

nogame2Games become more and more a mainstream occurrence in our daily lives.

While traditional games exist since the beginning of mankind. Digital gaming becomes more and more present throughout our daily lives. The time where gaming was only for nerds is way past us. Games are becoming more dominant in peoples’ lives thanks to mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and other smartphones. But also the Wii that has engaged a greater number of people with gaming.

Commuters game on their mobile devices, youngsters play online and share their experience on the web. Big tournaments are organized where large numbers of gamers compete with each other to see who’s best. Events such as the E3 are peak moments to demonstrate new games to the world. The gaming industry is growing and there are no signs this growth is slowing down.

The release of the new consoles, XBOX One and PS4 show that the demand is high. The consoles are sold out frequently and when a batch has arrived, it is gone in no-time. Games such as GTA and Call of Duty sell like crazy.

No Game No Life tells the story of an alternate world where everything is decided through games. From deciding where borders of a country will be to the crowning of a new king or queen, games are vital for that world’s existence.

No Game No Life is a great metaphor for our changing world where games are more intertwined with our lives, whether we like it or not. Future technologies such as virtual reality, perhaps in a Google Glass 2.0 version will make gaming be more immersive than ever, giving games a permanent presence in our lives. Technology has to develop more to reach this stage, but even now a world without games is unimaginable.


2 thoughts on “No Game No Life and games becoming part of life

  1. spitzsoapbox says:

    It’s pretty interesting to consider how far gaming has come over even our past generation.
    While my and several of my friends’ parents clearly didn’t see the point of video games back when I was young, I look around nowadays and see a ton of parents who are of my age who play video games regularly.
    It’ll be cool to see where things go over the next few decades, what with your Oculus Rifts and your augmented realities becoming trends.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I wonder how gaming will develop and what for impact it will have on our lives when it becomes more and more realistic. Perhaps you’ll get too engaged in COD for example that it will become traumatic.

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