Isshuukan Friends; Anyone deserves a friend

friends1Even during the darkest and most insecure times in school, there is someone who can be your friend.

I had my periods during school where I thought nobody would be my friend. I was bullied and didn’t really fit in. Only later on did I find out there are people like me or didn’t treat me as a lower being. The people who look through appearance and want to know you better, those people became my friends and I still cherish them today.

Isshuukan Friends tells the story of Kaori who suffers from memory loss. She cannot remember her friends and every week she has to relive meeting and making friends. Kaori is insecure because of this and tries to avoid as much contact as possible with her fellow classmates. Classmate Yuuki one day steps up to her and dedicates himself to become her friend, even if it means redoing it all over again every week.

Kaori’s classmates consider her as creepy or strange, because she is introverted and shy she cannot prove to her fellow students she wants to make friends. Isshuukan Friends captures this mental development and shows how somebody is trying to break out of their shell. Yet, she cannot do this alone and this is where friends such as Yuuki come in.

While finding rightful friends is a path of trial and error, the ones who stick through are friends for life. This post may not be of much added value, but there is a friend out there for everybody. And to those who see somebody struggle fitting in, take the first step and ask them to join you.


4 thoughts on “Isshuukan Friends; Anyone deserves a friend

  1. Natsu says:

    I enjoyed reading the manga of Isshuukan Friends. The anime is in my to watch list.

    Thank you for your little review. I currently have trouble making friends. I’m not in high school like you. Once you are out of that type of environment making friends gets tougher and tougher.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I’m not in high school either haha. That was a while back already. I kind of looked back in this post on that time. I’m already past the school phase. You mean the working environment?

      • Natsu says:

        Yeah..The working environment or before me having a job, I was a housewife and didn’t interact with a lot of people. I didn’t know anyone because I just moved into another state and most of my time was staying home trying to communicate with the friends I had thousands of miles away (without social media).

      • ninetybeats says:

        I believe joining some sport related activities can be a good way to blend in when in a new environment. Still I cannot relate to the situation of a housewife. It also depends on the field you’re in how much contact you have with people within and outside the company. Thanks for your thoughts.

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