Spring 2014 First impressions

spring14 7The spring season is in full swing. Which shows are a must watch this spring?

The spring season is a great season as the weather is getting a little warmer and the summer is getting closer. I don’t like scorched earth heat, but below 10 degrees isn’t favorable either. P.A. Works left out this season, one of my favorite studios and Kyoto Animation also didn’t submit a full series. Nonetheless, there are some pretty steady series airing this season.

spring14Isshuukan Friends is a story about Hase and Kaori who try to become friends. Kaori loses her memory every week and Hase tries to find new ways to become and remain Kaori’s friend.

The story is ever so cliché, but I find this the best show I’ve selected so far. The visuals are canvas-like which is one of my favorite visual designs. The way the characters interact is honest and innocent. Kaori tries to do her best to remember Hase, who tries to be remembered by her. The interactions between are so cute, but sincere, that I’m rooting for them to become more than just friends(which will inevitably happen).

spring14 1The second installment of the idol series centering around a group of girls who want to prevent their school from closing. They want to generate enough publicity for the school to attract new students. Their solution: start an idol group to take the Japan by storm.

Love Live S2 is true to its first season. The group of girls is a bundle of different character types and everybody has a favorite(Nico, you go girl!). This gives a lot of room to play with for the producers, preventing the show from becoming dull. I would highly recommend this show for fans of the previous shows and those who are new, you should quickly pick up the first season.

spring 14 2Chaika travels the world with a coffin on her back, one day she meets Tooru who joins her for her journey. Tooru is a retired soldier and tries to find new meaning in his life. Chaika is therefore joined by not only Tooru, but also his sister Akari. An exciting journey begins.

I’ll say it now, Chaika is beyond cute. Not because of her appearance, but of her voice. The voice acting is beyond good. I cannot remember when I was this impressed by the speech and verbal mannerisms of a character. This is outstanding.

Story wise, it’s still a bit hazy were the show is heading. Some background details of Chaika are revealed, but the big picture is still untouched(mostly). I’m curious to see where this series is heading.

spring14 3Little girls are weapons of mass destruction against an alien race that tries to defeat humanity. A set of walls are the only protection against those creatures who are now coming back strong.

Black Bullet has elements of Shingeki no Kyojin with the walls and alien races attacking made me think about Devil Survivor. Devil Survivor isn’t a compliment.

The story itself feels like a promotional video for pedophilia with little girls being the centre of attention and the fan service of our main loli seems inappropriate. The look and feel isn’t special and the show has some proving to do, because the side characters are plane stupid with their stereotypical behavior.

spring14 4Brother and sister, Sora and Shiro are two NEETS with a legendary online gaming reputation. When accepting a real challenge they are transported to another world where everything is decided by games.

The story has an original take, mainly due to its visual design. Despite the very colorful design, I don’t believe MadHouse is capable of creating lively colored environments as good as P.A. Works or Kyoto Animation can do. This is my main complaint with the series, especially because the visual design is an important characteristic for this series. The fanservice seems inappropriate at times, but overall not annoying.

spring14 6An artificial island, called Nanae Island, created by seven genius students has become a popular and successful education village twelve years after its creation. Juugo is going to attend this prestigious facility, but his luck is turned upside-down as he discovers that his room is inhabited by a ghost girl.

The ghost girl called Nanana is one of the GREAT 7 students who created the island and for some reason she can’t leave her room, the place where she was murdered. Apparently the quest to find her murderer has started.

The story is still vague, but that isn’t really bothering me. Nanana looks super cute and the visuals are notably crisp and vibrant. I’m actually impressed with the visuals to be honest and will stick with this show.

spring14 5A private girls boarding school is the scene of an assassin competition where all girl assassins have to kill a classmate. The race who gets the target begins first.

The story centers around Azuma who’s starting to have feelings for Ichinose, the main target. The concept sounds paradoxical, because it seems illogical to place the target on a silver platter. Perhaps the underlying idea is to play the assassin’s against each other eventually murdering each other and everybody will be happy. Akuma no Riddle isn’t really convincing yet and I doubt it will become anything notable.


10 thoughts on “Spring 2014 First impressions

  1. Quizoxy says:

    Glad that I’m watching most of these this Spring season! Despite not having PA or KyoAni, spring still seems to be lively as always with the action and adventures!

  2. Artemis says:

    Ugh. I think it’s great that everyone has their own opinions and all, so this most definitely isn’t an attack on you or your choices, but… ugh. I’m chalking it up to plain old differences in personal taste, because Chaika’s verbal mannerisms do nothing but annoy me. I instinctively dislike the ultra-cliche, moe fanservicey maid/lolita thing, but the way she talks especially comes across as just so stilted and so blatantly stupid that I can’t help but sneer every time the girl so much as opens her mouth.

    • ninetybeats says:

      You have the right to give your opinion xd
      It’s just as I stated that Black Bullet isn’t that big of a deal in my opinion and just a series held together with terrible cliché:p

      • Artemis says:

        Well, Black Bullet really could still go either way. It’s still early days yet for all these spring titles, and I’m willing to bet there’ll be a few surprises for some of them.

  3. Joey says:

    Hitsugi no Chaika was created by the same person as Scrapped Princess, hence why I got a similar feeling with the theme of the main girl. Scrapped Princess is a fantastic anime, definitely recommend that if you enjoy Chaika.
    I also like One Week Friends, and another two that are standouts for me this season are Ping Pong and Knights of Sidonia. Knights of Sidonia reminds me of Attack on Titan but in space, and Ping Pong’s art-style is just so fresh compared to most other anime.

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