Chuunibyou S2 Review: Back to the land of the living

2chu0We all grow up someday and we let go of our childhood. Rikka and her gang slowly grow towards a more mature life.

Of course we keep memories and characteristics from our childhood, yet we drift into a more mature world with responsibilities and other social dynamics. We stumble, fall and stand up, trying to find a steady path towards being happy and fulfilled.

2chu1Rikka and Yuuta’s romantic relationship takes a more mature turn the moment Rikka moves in with Yuuta. Living together they get used to each other on another level and grow more intimate.

Their intimacy is on another level as they still try to deal with their Chuunibyou past. The delusional fantasies start to become less frequent. While present, they grow in their relationship and their friends try to push them forwards, hoping they let go of their past and become people fitting for society.

2chu3Kyoto Animation took a steadier approach along the way of Clannad for its setting in this second installment of Chuunibyou. Chuunibyou approached its story from a more high school comedy romance perspective, pushing its original theme more to the background.

While the fantasy element of the main cast is still present, I had the feeling the studio lingered towards a more well established theme, assuring that it wouldn’t fall into a niche category and possibly harming potential sales.

Moving towards a more well established genre can go both ways. Kyoto Animation has found a sweet spot for itself within this genre and showed that the experiment of Kyoukai no Kanata didn’t really add up to the existing line-up. On the other hand we have shows such Madoka Magica that proved that moving away from the norm, delivers astonishing results.

2chu4Chuunibyou’s visual design is familiar and has very steady animation. The fantasy action sequences are a feast for the eyes and prove that Kyoto Animation is actually able in creating action packed scenes.

The series follows the visual design themes set a few years back with K-ON, Hyouka and Tamako Market. The visuals designs from Clannad are far behind us and the only thing mostly paying tribute to those times is the color scheme.

2chu5Chuunibyou’s second installment moves away from the fantasy setting and goes towards a more sales comfortable high school romance series. The visual look and feel are the same, but it’s a shame the series took a turn for the normal. While the fantasy is present and monologues are often in magical slang, it didn’t feel as intertwined with the story as with the previous season. Perhaps this is a natural development of the story. I therefore rate this series a 7 out of 10 for taking a few steps away from the original.


4 thoughts on “Chuunibyou S2 Review: Back to the land of the living

  1. milesvibritannia says:

    Chuunibyou Ren’s a strange thing for me. On one hand, I did enjoy it a decent amount and I suppose there was more time for Nibutani and Dekomori to shine so I appreciated that. But on the other hand, I felt like Yuuta and Rikka had significantly weaker character development, and that’s a real shame considering the draw of the season was supposed to be their relationship. After the engaging psychological characterization Rikka got as far as how her chuunibyou is a part of her own personality and response to her situation, she seemed pretty one-dimensional this season and Yuuta didn’t stand out a whole lot either. I suppose I don’t despise Ren as some people did, but I can’t help but feel that Ren wasn’t quite as glorious a sequel as I would’ve liked.

    • ninetybeats says:

      As I said it went towards a more normal vibe abandoning the refreshing theme in the first season. On the flipside, it did well what it wanted to do. Explore the romance and letting go of chuunibyou aspect, giving it less presence as before.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    -NibuDeko 4 Life.
    -Pinky Pie better than Rikka
    -Love Guru with violet hair is an enigma.
    -Mori Summer vs Mori Summer was the best fight in the series.
    -Yuuta and Rikka are like two “nerds” in love. It’s adorable.

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