How I select series for the coming season

show5With such a broad selection of series coming out, you have to make a list of series you would like to watch. How do I run down and select all those series that are coming out?

I’m writing this post, because I would like to map out for myself how I select series. There is no clear definition or lining that will define what shows I will watch, yet there’s always a set of criteria I take into account.

show1One of the most obvious ones is the studio. I have a set of preferable studios which most of the times guarantee an entertaining watch. Studios such as Kyoto Animation, P.A. Works and Bones belong to my personal top three studios.

All three of the mentioned studios have a certain visual design that I fancy and have proven that they are capable of creating master pieces or at least entertaining shows. Shows that are a hit or miss are Production I.G., J.C. Staff, BrainsBase and MadHouse. While having a great line-up, not all shows seem the best fit for my personal preferences and I enter them with greater skepticism.

show2I appreciate quality artwork and animation. Therefore if pre-release images are promising I’m more interested in watching a show. Along the lines of animation, if a popular artists is involved for character designs or art direction I will be more open in picking up the show.

show3Next to a set of favorite studios I have a set of genres I appreciate, namely; slice of life, drama, tragedy and mystery. Comedy shows are often a hit or miss, because humor is very subjective and a show builds on a certain type of humor. May it be hidden humor or explicit and over the top. Over the top is often a hit or miss.

I like the slow pacing of slice of life shows as they require less attention of the viewer. Drama and tragedy is a great genre to get emotionally compassionate with the cast and get more engaged with the story.

show4I roam around different websites that fully or also include anime content. Their opinions are a great influencer for me to judge a show. There are blogs that I follow and where I base my next decision on. They’ve proven to have a comparable set of criteria or have a somewhat similar opinion. Some bloggers are very good at sharply formulating why a show is good or bad.

Of course I’m interested in your thoughts and you can always drop your ideas in the comment section.


5 thoughts on “How I select series for the coming season

  1. Artemis says:

    I’ve actually taken to reading as little as possible about any given anime before I watch it. It’s impossible to take anything 100% objectively – we all have our own thoughts and experiences that will already colour our impressions of it – but recently, I’ve been limiting my exposure to outside influences as much as possible until after I’m done watching, primarily in an effort to view things more from what I think than from what other people think.

    • spitzsoapbox says:

      I’m with you. While reading what others think prior to your own viewing may allow you to appreciate aspects of that thing you might not have otherwise been able to, I think it’s good to be able to sit through something and be able to say “This is entirely my own personal opinion of this thing.”

      As for Ninety (because they’re sure to read this reply, and there’s no real point in putting it in a separate box): How about the individuals involved? Producers, character designers and the like? I have a certain appreciation for specific voice actors, so I’ll often start up series I might not have watched otherwise just because one of my favorite voices will be in it.
      Interesting seeing how other folks pick out series.

      • ninetybeats says:

        Ninety is one person haha, so yeah I’m reading your reply;p
        I don’t know enough individuals to really judge a series upon. Maeda Jun is very notable and I look forward to his works for sure. There are others, but not enough for me to really make a clear judgement.
        I mentioned it briefly in ‘visual designs’ about the designers being involved. On the voice actors, again I don’t have them on top of mind(except for HanaKana, who is everywhere).

    • ninetybeats says:

      That’s one way to approach it. I try to take into account what I’ve stumbled upon over the course of time, but like to read other people their opinions, I may have missed some good stuff I otherwhise wouldn’t consider.

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