Winter 2014 Season Review

14winF3The winter season has ended, therefore it is time to look back at the series I’ve selected.

The header image isn’t a winter show anymore. Nisekoi extends beyond the winter season, but for the sake of continuity I wanted to feature this image. And Nisekoi is awesome.

14win3Chuunibyou season 2 progresses with the romantic relationship of Rikka and Yuta, who both are struggling to discover who they are.

The second installment stays true to the look and feel of the previous season. The magic slang is thrown at the viewer when possible, but it is obvious this season tries to shift its focus onto a romantic comedy and not as much on the inner struggles of the main cast.

While many elements from the first season reoccur in this second season, such as Nibutani trying to let go of her former alter ego, Kyoto Animation wants to put more emphasis on the romantic aspect of the story. This can turn the show into a rather cliché experience, but the super slick animation makes you forget all about it.

14win1Noragami tells the story of a girl who loses her life, but gets stuck between the reality and the afterlife. God Yato is destined to save her and bring her back to life.

Noragami did a very good job with the soundtrack and visuals, but on the flipside it felt like the series didn’t use the story concept to the fullest potential. The psychological struggle of the main character could be explored much more and the emotional impact on her environment. Yet the series took a save route to keep her switching between both. Maybe I was to hyped, because I’m very intrigued by the afterlife concept.

14win9Sakura Trick is a real treat for lovers of the Yuri genre as the series explores the innocent love of girls. Sakura Trick takes a more explicit take on the love between those girls, though.

The cute visuals fit the story and the fanservice is present. While fanservice can feel out of place, in this anime it all seems to fit neatly into the narrative. The differs set of characters explore different types of love and relationships, adding diversity to the story. I can recommend this show to fans of the genre.

14win4D-Frag! was definitely one of the worst series I’ve selected for this season. The character designs were old fashioned, the yelling of the main character was annoying and the story execution went nowhere.

I think this kind of series is very suited for the domestic audience considering the look and feel of the show. The humor isn’t for everybody and for those living out of Japan a bit farfetched.

14win7Another piece of shit this season, Magical Warfare. I cannot comprehend the terrible experience this series has been. There was literally nothing I enjoyed. ‘Why did you watch it then?’ you might wonder. Well I thought I just end it while I’m at it.

The character designs didn’t do justice to the original designs and the animation was J.C. Staff level. I cannot believe this got the green light and could be aired.

14win8Sekai Seifuku follows a militant group called Zvezda who tries to take over the world. Guided by loli Kate, they fight against all odds to create a world envisioned by Zvezda.

I really enjoyed this series. The setting was original and the narrative was refreshing. The characters were diverse and Kate was super cute. She made the whole show with her bossy attitude despite her appearance. Admittedly the story execution was a bit all over the place and a sense of where the story was heading, was lacking. Yet, I enjoyed it. I liked how the characters interacted in the world that was created.

14win5Mikakunin de Shikoukei tells the story of Kobeni who is engaged without anybody telling her. And so begins an adventure where she gets to know her future husband.

The visuals of this show are the most noteworthy aspect as the story itself isn’t very spectacular. The show is entertaining, but the theme is clichéd. The show is also milking jokes such as the older sister being fan of loli characters. This joke is repeated from beginning to end, making it more of a nuisance than comic relief.


3 thoughts on “Winter 2014 Season Review

  1. Overlord-G says:

    -Sakura Trick put a big smile on my face.
    -Zvezda was fun to watch. Hope they sell well enough for a second season.
    -Heard of the atrocity that was Magical Warfare. Not interested in it.
    -Chuunibyou and Engaged to the Unidentified are on my “to marathon list”.

  2. czai says:

    Noragami has been getting a good amount of positive thoughts, I’m definitely watching it soon,
    Sekai Seifuku also looks pretty interesting, another show I definitely missed watching…
    and I’m definitely agreeing on your thoughts for Magical Warfare, I marathoned it a few days ago and I’d say that I just wasted a great amount of my time.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I start to believe you’ll appreciate anime more if you watch some crap in between. I tried to avoid those types of anime, but oh well every now and again you’ll get a glimpse in the bad category and start appreciating the better anime.

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