Blogspotlight: Otaku DayDreams

otaku1Learn more about an otaku girl in this month’s Blogspotlight; Otaku DayDreams.

Question 1: Could you tell the readers a bit about your blog? What can we find on your blog?

“My blog is mainly on anime, but I plan to write about manga too. Most of the time, I write anime reviews, including both on-going and completed ones. Depending on how much free time I have, I may or may not be able to complete the reviews for the on-going anime I’ve been watching but I’ll definitely write an overall review for them. School has been eating up a lot of my time lately. I also have a category called “Favourites” featuring my favourite anime of the season or year, opening and ending songs and more. ”

Question 2: What made you decide to start your own blog?

“I started this blog when I was having my school holidays. I had just finished watching Death Note and I had lots of things I wanted to share with others, yet I won’t be meeting up with my friends soon at that time. Spamming my thoughts on Twitter like I usually do wasn’t a good idea since only a few of my friends watch anime. In addition to that and my anime addiction, I wanted to practise my writing skills. Hence, my blog, Otaku Daydreams was created.”

Question 3: How did you get in touch with anime and other Japanese media?

“The first few anime I watched were Pokemon, Digimon, Crushgear and Beyblade. That was when I was around seven, so I didn’t know that they were anime. I merely thought of them as regular cartoons. It was around five years ago that I truly got in touch with anime and manga. I started off reading shoujo manga which I borrowed from my friends in school, then went on to read more online. After listening to their recommendations, I watched K-ON, which was the first anime I watched in Japanese. I also got to know about Vocaloids from my friends. They are the ones who have turned me into the otaku I am known as now. Later, I became a fan of shounen anime.”

otaku2Question 4: What is the element that you like most in anime?

“Hmm, it’s probably fantasy. Anime is my way of escaping from reality. When I watch anime, I concentrate on what is going on in the story. I laugh along at their jokes, sympathise with some of the characters and I cheer on the main characters as they defeat the enemies. During that time, I forget about my worries in life. Whenever I’m down, a funny episode cheers me up. That’s what I like the most about anime.”

Question 5: Do you have a specific genre you love to watch?

“Comedy! Whenever someone recommends an anime to me, the first thing I ask them is, “Is it funny?” That’s what I look out for in an anime. Whatever the main genre or the plot of the anime, I don’t mind watching it as long as it’s funny (and suitable for my age – that’s important!). Like I mentioned before, anime is my escape from reality. Real life is full of ups and downs, so why make yourself feel sad by watching tearjerkers? ”

Question 6: What is your favorite series? Can you tell us what made it so special?

“Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Since it’s the longest anime I’ve watched so far, I have more feelings for it. KHR has a huge cast of unique characters. That’s the most special part of it. As the characters have such quirky traits, the interactions between them are interesting and funny to watch. There I go again. I seriously am a big fan of slapstick comedy. With the super dense Kyoko and the happy-go-lucky Yamamoto to the serious Hibari, KHR has the best cast I’ve ever seen. Due to that, there are many hilarious fan fictions for the series.”

otaku4Question 7: What do you dislike in anime?

“Ecchi? I love shounen anime but I dislike how ecchi can ruin it. For example, Fairy Tail has awesome fights and wonderful characters, but Lucy seems to be a main character who specialises in fan service.”

Question 8: You’re a girl. How do you experience the anime that is targeted towards guys with the girls being depicted as super cute and mostly fragile?

“Those are actually the type of anime I avoid. I’m more of a fan of action anime. Seeing girls being depicted as super cute is very weird to me. There’s a limit to everything, even cuteness. Besides, I’m more interested in looking for hot anime guys haha. ”

Question 9: You feature top anime opening and ending songs on your blog. What makes a good opening or ending?

“The first thing I notice is the melody of the song. For an opening, I prefer something powerful. That’s what grabs my attention and makes me pumped up for the new episode. For an ending, I prefer something more soothing to wrap up the episode. However, this may not always be the case. Secondly, I look at the animation. It’s important that the animation matches the beat of the song. Thirdly, I refer to the translation of the lyrics. Lyrics that match the theme of its respective anime makes it a better opening or ending.”

Question 10: What does the future hold for your blog?

“Due to school, I would be posting less often. However, I would try my best to at least post once a week. I hope to be better at reviewing and writing. In addition, I hope to meet more fellow otakus. I will try to branch out and write more discussions to share more of my opinions about various anime-related matters. ”

Question 11: To make this post a little more personal. Can you give us a random fact about yourself?

“I can be a very random person who can manage to relate nearly everything I talk about to anime. If I’m chatting with a friend who’s also an otaku, I can link a normal conversation to something related to anime. ”

otaku3I want to thank Otaku Daydreams for participating. Don’t forget to give her blog a visit!

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