Special: My top 7 unpopular anime opinions

op8This post is inspired or based off a post from Artemis at Otaku Lounge and Yumeka at Animeyume. A wrap up of opinions that not everybody shall agree upon.

I think this post is a great opportunity to clear my mind and share my opinions about certain aspects in anime. The reason it isn’t a top 10 is, because the seven I mentioned are partially present around the fandom. Admittedly I cannot track all my opinions to particular posts or forums. This post is a mixture of observations and personal preference.

op1While there are exceptions in this particular genre, I can never help but wonder why an army or soldier would fight in an inefficient humanoid robot, rather than in a stealth jet fighter.

I also can’t imagine that a technologically advanced society has come to the point where they would use giant robots to battle. In my view they would use advanced automatically guided artillery and autonomous human sized robots to do the job.

op2The main consensus is that Guilty Crown isn’t good, but I actually enjoyed it. I liked the theme of the series and the character designs. And Inori was supposedly only meant as eyecandy, well luckily we’ve never seen that before.

Guilty Crown had one of the best soundtracks in anime to date. It was engaging, it was good and it was loud. On the other hand it created emotional vibe throughout the run.

op3Within the anime fandom there are those who detest cute girls doing cute stuff and those who love it. I’m part of the latter one. I really don’t mind if the story isn’t about a nearing apocalypse event and a super army of 16 year olds has to save the planet.

If a group of girls just laughs around and goes to school or wants to make a cake, I don’t care. If it entertains me, I’m happy. If they look cute and make normal daily events cute, count me in.

op4I appreciate good visuals, resulting that I can be really nitpicky about certain series. Sure I’ve watched J.C. Staff shows and enjoyed some of them, yet I suspect Kyoto Animation or Bones would’ve done a better job.

Visuals are important in animation, if you find that offensive then you shouldn’t watch animation. I’m sorry, but visuals are a part of animation. Slacking on animation for an animated project is like making chocolate chip cookies but without chocolate, because the cookie is right as it is. You need to make just the bit more effort to make it special.

op5I’m going to say something controversial, I liked Kirino as a character better than Kuroneko in Ore No Imouto. While Kuroneko was a well balanced character, she didn’t appeal to me. Her introverted and held back nature didn’t really comply with me. Perhaps because I’m the opposite, making it difficult to relate to this type of character.

op6While I appreciate the presence of Hana Kanazawa as a voice actress in anime, she is overly present. In recent seasons a multitude of shows features her as either a side character or main character. This results in Hana Kanazawa dominating a lot of big shows and making her overly present. I cannot help, but think that there are more talented voice actresses out there.

op7Those who’ve seen magic themed anime will undoubtedly come across the German and English naming for certain magical attacks and events. The mispronunciation and articulation is beyond understandable and it ruins the complete atmosphere of the entire scene. Shakugan no Shana or Magical Warfare are good examples where I can spontaneously cry from the terrible pronunciations.


9 thoughts on “Special: My top 7 unpopular anime opinions

  1. Artemis says:

    I definitely agree with some of these (and most of the others, I have no opinion on since I haven’t seen the anime in question). Like you, I’m not a big mecha fan, visuals are pretty important to me, and I think slang in general should be kept to a minimum as much as possible.

    I should really try watching Guilty Crown one of these days. I never did get around to doing that back when it seemed like absolutely everyone was talking about it, but I’m curious to see what the fuss was about.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    -You know I’m with ya on “Cute girls doing cute things” shows having a life fulfilling purpose.

    -I have more issues with the overall cast in mecha shows than the mechs themselves. It’s still awesome seeing giant robots wrecking stuff. It’s just the pilots and the people around them are usually lame…with a few exceptions.

    -GC did not interest me in the slightest so I only know its a controversial Mainstream Sweetheart and little else.

    -I’m not much of a graphics/animation quality guy so it takes something REALLY bad to make me gripe about bad design.

    -When it comes to Oreimo as a whole, especially season 1, I’ve always focused on what the characters represented than the characters as human beings. Kirino as the hardcore otaku who is forced to hide her secret from a harsh society and has a hard time revealing the truth to others. Her relationship with Kyosuke is a different subject.

    Same goes for Kuroneko. I love Kuroneko the alter-ego and everything she stands for. I don’t give two cents about Ruri Gokou.

    Kana has voiced several characters I really like so I don’t have much of a beef with her.

    I love how the Japanese butcher foreign languages, especially Engrish.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Cute girls doing cute stuff deserves extra kudos haha

      Well you’re not the mainstream kinda guy. I believe there’s a reason something got popular.

      The relationship in Oreimo wasn’t really noteworthy for it’s execution. Kirino represented something that a lot of people are dealing with in their daily lives.

  3. torisunanohokori says:

    I’m totally with you on magic terminology and Hanazawa Kana as everyone. They’re both things that have been spammed to an obnoxious extent (though the latter is pretty cool in small doses).

    Also agree with the point on visuals. That and voice acting/soundtrack are the only real advantages anime has over novels, so I’d better see a series making use of them somehow.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Thanks for your reply. Hana Kanazawa is everywhere and while she is good, there are many others out there.

      As I said animation is important in animation. You have to give your viewers some added value and not milk or rush it.

  4. milesvibritannia says:

    I personally enjoy the mecha genre a lot, I feel like it’s a medium in which a lot of great stories can be presented. Gurren Lagann and Code Geass happen to be my two favorite anime, though to be fair those are pretty unique as far as mecha series go. I might say they “don’t revolve around the mecha,” but that almost feels pointless since I feel like most (if not all) great mecha series don’t “revolve” around the mecha to begin with since they’re really only there as a means to present the story. After all, Code Geass with DBZ power fights probably couldn’t be taken seriously. All said though, I don’t think disliking mecha is that unpopular an opinion, I’ve seen a lot of people who say directly that they don’t care for the mecha genre, with perhaps the only others I’ve seen more of in that regard being shounen/shoujo ai and sports.

    And I actually enjoyed Guilty Crown a lot too! It was a really fun watch for me and after expecting to watch one of the worst things ever created, I found it was a story I actually really liked. It’s hard to defend it in some areas and it’s far from perfect, but it really baffles me when people say it’s one of the worst things out there, I just can’t agree on any level.

    Cute girls doing cute stuff, well it just depends for me really. I never watched through all of K-On for example, but the episodes I did see were pretty enjoyable and I’d probably like it. Natsuiro Kiseki was pretty fun, even if it didn’t get to do a whole lot. I’m not really big on these type of stories, but I don’t hate them either.

    For the most part visuals can’t make or break an anime experience for me, though they can definitely have a noticeable effect. Episode 4 of Gurren Lagann, for example, did bug me with its style, though I wouldn’t call that a horrible experience even if the visuals disappointed me. But I will say high production values can really do a lot for the impact of an anime.

    Never watched Oreimo so I can’t be sure where I stand on this one, I’ll have to watch and find out for myself.

    Personally I’m a huge fan of Kana Hanazawa so I just can’t get enough of her. It is true that she’s in a lot of series these days and it surprises me how many series she’s in from this season alone, but that’s not something I’m complaining about. She’s one of my favorite voice actresses and I feel that she brings a lot of life to a great number of characters, though there are many other amazing voice actresses that also deserve the chance to shine. It’s one of those things that it really depends on the role, and more often than not Hanazawa comes through for me.

    Ah yes, the random non-Japanese terminology and spellcasting stuff. I never paid it much mind, but sometimes it can be pretty amusing. Though it’s hard for that to beat Kotomine from Fate/Zero reciting Bible verses in English, that…..that was quite an experience.

    • ninetybeats says:

      K-ON! is one of my favorite series. It is the perfect example of cute girls doing cute stuff. It was all well balanced.

      I’ve seen worse than Guilty Crown, *cough* Magical Warfare *cough* That was piece of shit and probably the worst I’ve seen to date.

      You should at least watch the first season of Oreimo, I really enjoyed that season. The second season wasn’t that convincing.

      Thanks for your replies as always!

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