Takanashi Rikka Kai Chuunibyou Movie Review: Scattered puzzle pieces

chu1The movie version of the first season of Chuunibyou, a retelling from Rikka’s perspective. Apparently.

Recently I can’t really find myself to sit through a whole movie in one go. I don’t know why, perhaps the modern age has pushed me towards quick fixes and everything that can’t get to the point within five minutes is deemed unworthy. Or my attention span isn’t long enough. But one thing is for sure, when it is a recap, the wait to reach the finish becomes even more of a struggle.

chu2The movie retells the story of how Rikka and Yuuta meet, exploring each other’s personalities with Yuuta trying to leave behind his past and Rikka who’s trying to hold on as tightly as possible.

The movie takes fragments from the existing first season and adds some special scenes to make it feel brand new, I think. It was supposed to be from Rikka’s perspective, but this element was minimalistic and the overall storytelling was just scraped together.

For those unfamiliar to the franchise, the skipping through the story might feel rushed and incoherent. Throughout the run I wondered why certain scenes were skipped and the creators hastily moved to the next sequence of the story. The fluency of the movie was damaged by this approach, making it feel like random scenes were just inserted whenever the producers saw fit or they remembered there was still some story left that fitted in between.

chu3I don’t feel like the Chuunibyou movie is adding a lot to make it of added value. It mostly uses scenes that were in the anime series and only a small portion was original material. Leaving the question; is this something that is only used to milk the franchise?

That answer can be interpreted two ways. Yes, because it uses minimal new material, giving the impression that this is a retelling. But it actually isn’t really a retelling as it is using existing content. On the other hand it gives added value in the sense that it tries to recapture fans and prepare them for the second season.

Kyoto Animation would’ve done a better job if they made a complete retelling from another perspective. I cannot give a direct example, but I can imagine they give it a more creative input.

chu4The Chuunibyou movie stays true to the original design, which is good to maintain the original vibe of the show. There aren’t elements or scenes that will leave you breathtaking. Those who are familiar with the series will enjoy the familiar visuals.

chu5The Chuunibyou movie doesn’t add a lot to the existing franchise. For those familiar to the series, it will feel repetitive and for those who are new, they will find this confusing.

The movie is a puzzle with the pieces scraped together while not entirely fitting. The scenes feel like they are randomly picked and have to feel like a decent recap of the anime series. I cannot give much credit for this approach and therefore I rate the show a 6 out of 10.


5 thoughts on “Takanashi Rikka Kai Chuunibyou Movie Review: Scattered puzzle pieces

  1. milesvibritannia says:

    I enjoyed watching the movie since I like Chuunibyou in general but it really isn’t a must-watch or anything of that sort. For what it’s worth I really liked the new scenes and I enjoyed going through the S1 story again, but it left out a lot and there’s no way it could function as an adequate substitute for the TV anime. I think that’s the big problem I have with a lot of recap stuff, they’re decent for people who want to go back through the story if they don’t have time for the full package but almost none of them are capable of presenting the story to newcomers without losing some of the value. There are those like the Madoka and Gurren Lagann movies that I feel do quite a good job of bringing life to the story again, but even those I probably wouldn’t recommend newcomers jump into right away.

    It’s a funny thing, it’s hard to justify recaps the more I think about it. They don’t do much for newcomers and only a select few established fans would really care for them when the complete series is always at the ready.

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