Frozen Review: Icy revival

frozen1Disney had its ups and downs over the years, but they’ve shown us they are returning to the Disney renaissance era once again.

The Disney renaissance era was the period of great successes such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Lion King. After that marvelous era, Disney couldn’t live up to the expectations. After The Princess and the Frog Disney reinvented themselves, delivering a nostalgic fairy tale with Tangled and showing us they are still capable of retelling magical stories with Frozen.

frozen2Inspired by The Snow Queen, Frozen tells a story of two royal sisters with the oldest, Elsa, having icy powers. The day she is coroneted to be the Queen her powers are fully released, reshaping the kingdom in a cold and snow filled world. She flees the kingdom and takes refuge in a palace entirely made out of ice. Anna, Elsa’s younger sister, starts a quest to find her sister and convince her to return the kingdom back to how it once was.

frozen3Rarely have I been so amazed with the graphical display as with Frozen, Admittedly I did find the setting in Tangled more approachable. Perhaps due to the color scheme and setting. Yet, the effort and psychics for creating Frozen is mindboggling. I cannot imagine the hours of work the animators had to put into mimicking real snow, costume designs and character movements.

The fluency of the movements is one of the many elements that made the characters come to life. The animation sequence in which Elsa throws of her tiara and frees herself is one of the finest pieces of animation I’ve ever seen. The natural movement of the hair and body are a true spectacle.

frozen11Besides the CGI animation, I am interested to learn how the movie came to be. The artbook of Frozen reveals the process of creation. From early character sketches and storyboards, to designing the details of the costumes. The team of Frozen fully dedicated themselves in creating the most wonderful Disney fairy tale.

frozen4Frozen tells its story through multiple characters. Anna and Elsa being the main characters, together with main hero Kristoff and villain Hans. Anna and Elsa share a sisterly bond and interact naturally. The producers paid a lot of attention to the bond between sisters and the results are extraordinary.

Where the sisters were very convincing characters, the companions weren’t that well executed. Disney usually uses animal or fantasy companions to drive the plot or give the story some room to breathe, but in this adaptation I didn’t find them that convincing.
I wasn’t particularly struck by the design of the snowman Olaf. He felt inconsistent to the overall design. He felt out of place and while the voice actor compensated a lot, Olaf still remained more of a tool than an actual character.

frozen5I stated earlier that the animation was brilliant and contained some of the most impressive animation sequence I’ve witnessed so far. The look of the movie was well thought-out and the producers paid a lot of attention to details in clothing and environment.

Frozen also did a good job with the soundtrack and it topped Tangled in its musical performance. The songs in Frozen were engaging and full of life. The soundtrack throughout the movie helped build the setting and create a convincing environment.

frozen6Disney had its weaker moments over the course of time, but with Frozen they’ve proven they are back in the game once again. The animation quality is unmatched, showing Disney can create magical stories in 3D.

Anna and Elsa were a great couple in the movie and their interactions felt realistic. While the story progressed they grew into more mature characters, yet staying true to their initial characteristics. I therefore rate Frozen an 8 out of 10 and I’m anxiously waiting for the next magical Disney production that can bring back the nostalgia from the Disney renaissance.

4 thoughts on “Frozen Review: Icy revival

  1. annecelestine says:

    very well written. thank you.
    i am so pleased as well that Frozen brought back the magic to Disney. thankfully this time it’s all about romance though there was a bit of it. i was more touched that the story revolved around the love between siblings and how the movie made Elsa be as conscious or as free about her individuality.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m pleased to see that Disney has reclaimed some of its magic again. They need a bit more time, but the signs are there and they are pushing the envelope again. Showing that 3D can deliver magical stories and not only eyecandy.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Renaissance era is pushing it honestly. Their live-action movies had more ups and downs than their animation/CGI movies…unless you’re telling me that movies like Tangled or Princess and the Frog sucked in your opinion.

    As for Frozen, great movie. Elsanna fever is cool.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I dont really watch a lot of live action movies nowadays. Apart from live action series which I still watch.

      I’m not saying their terrible, Tangled was super awesome:p

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