Discoverability in 2014

discover1More and more people are joining the internet every day. And so are creators. Content is overflowing the internet making getting discovered tougher than ever.

Discoverability is the ability to get discovered by people. With more people entering the internet the amount of viewers or readers is increasing, but also the amount of creators increases. The blade cuts two ways and making it harder for content creators to get noticed.

A good example are YouTube gaming channels, that at the beginning of the network had a relatively small crowd, but a smaller amount of followers was sufficient to stand on top of the majority. Nowadays there are thousands of gaming channels and only those with hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers are able to survive.

When discoverability is under pressure it can discourage content creators to create content. Imagine you have this super awesome mobile game and you wait and wait and after two months only a few people have downloaded your content. You were so excited about your game and your friends told you it would be the new Angry Birds. Yet it went off radar pretty quickly.

It is true that when it’s really awesome a lot of people will pick it up in no time, but the amount of games and content is so much that getting noticed is difficult. And perhaps a lot of awesome potential creators are left out, because they don’t believe they will ever get noticed.

What’s my point you may wonder? Nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s important to keep creating and for those of you out there that are hesitating to share their fabulous content, don’t hesitate, because you might become the next Pewds or anybody else that is big in your particular scene.

You cannot give up and you also shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help from the community. And for the creators out there, you can also give your fair share of help to the smaller ones out there. Also being popular and successful shouldn’t be your motive. Keep having fun and people will appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “Discoverability in 2014

  1. Tonya R. Moore says:

    Great perspective. The environment has changed but being the small fish in a very big ocean. Discoverabilty might be farther out of reach than in the past but we need these challenges to really flex our imaginations. The old innovations were created for this reason. Instead of getting discouraged, we should be thinking about what new and awesome thing can we do next.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Just like in the beginning of the industrialization when everything was new and people didn’t have it already, a lot of products were sold easily . Nowadays you have to do something different or do something very well to get noticed, and as you said it stimulates to aim for the best.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Changing my username cost me big time but I am still content with my decision. Hopefully I’ll get my traffic back in good time. For now I’ll just keep on chuggin’. At least more people are coming out of hiding to post comments than before, which is a pretty good consolation prize.

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